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Trust us for safer touch-free luxury travel, with a light touch

Safety has been our priority since we started in 2005. The Contactless Travel concept video highlights the safety measures we have introduced since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started. We are pleased to announce four new safety initiatives:

Contactless Travel Video

  1. Contactless Travel – Luxury travel with a lighter touch
  2. UVC Light Germicidal Wand Sanitisation of luggage and other personal items
  3. Double Cleaning – before & after each journey
  4. Coronavirus testing for chauffeurs

Giving you the confidence to travel

Giving you the confidence to travel safer. In our chauffeur-driven luxury cars. Large, spacious cabins, for up to 2.4 metres of social distance between client and chauffeur.

Keeping our eyes on the road ahead

Our holistic approach – Enlightened, next-level innovation with safe, calm, attentive professional chauffeurs.

Our vision for safer luxury travel. Our Coronavirus (Covid-19) safety protocol. A step by step procedure to guide our passengers and chauffeurs towards safer travel. Safer by reducing any physical contact between passenger, chauffeur and vehicle. Minimising the risks of physical transmission of the pathogen.

First for Touch-free luxury travel

Learn how once again, iChauffeur are leading the way through innovation, training, and best chauffeur practices. And how the best chauffeurs in the business are training to serve you as safe guardians. Protectors of your freedom to travel. And your health. To reimagine safer luxury travel during the coronavirus. And beyond. But let’s be careful out there. If you do have to travel, be sure to visit our safer passenger area.

Contactless Travel

A passenger and chauffeur maintaining social distancing outside the vehicle.

Reimagining COVID-19 safety

We wanted to innovate our way through this toxic travel mist. And give people the real confidence to travel. After much research, debate, role play, testing, purchasing, we came up with three ideas to reinforce our minimal touch protocol. We needed to answer five big questions:

  1. How can we reduce the number of times a vehicle is touched?
  2. What if we had the chauffeurs tested for coronavirus?
  3. How can we educate our clients on touch-less travel tips?
  4. How can we train and keep our chauffeurs up to speed with best practices?
  5. What if we gave the chauffeurs lightsabers? We are serious.

How can we reduce the number of times a vehicle is touched?

Eliminate cross-passenger and chauffeur touch points. The first focus for disinfection is high-risk, high-touch areas. Such as door handles, grab handles, seat belt fasteners etc. The touch points. Hot spots, for potential transmission. If in doubt. Do not touch. Use voice commands to open the door, or your remote control. This way neither passenger or driver touches the door. It is only ever touched by gloved hands while cleaning.

What if we gave the chauffeurs lightsabers?

Our vision is for our chauffeurs to be carrying lightsabers. No seriously.

What if we used Germicidal UVC light for a safe, eco-friendly secondary sanitisation stage? And disinfect not only the touch points, but the passengers luggage. And all without touchAnd chemicals

Let there be light uvc cleaning

Learn more about Sanitisation and UVC Light Disinfection.

What if we had the chauffeurs tested for coronavirus?

We are offering coronavirus tested chauffeurs. Quarantined before your trip, for your piece of mind. And offering even safer travel. Subject to availability. We know that our clients value safety more than anything. This additional level of protection comes at a premium. But we can’t think of any better way of minimising the risk.

Chauffeurs are opting into this new Covid-19 testing initiative now. Nobody will be made to have a test. It is still no guarantee they don’t have it. It is no excuse to be complacent.

Contact us to learn more about coronavirus tested chauffeurs. We are open 24/7.

Further safety measures

Detailed Coronavirus Collection and Drop off safety protocols

The chauffeur nor passenger need never touch a door handle, in some vehicles. If we plan out the itinerary on a step by step basis. Our chauffeurs will remind you if you are getting too close, so as, to prevent social distance issues. Reducing the risk of transmission of the virus by touch. Contactless Travel is our focus. Which is why we are releasing training materials for our clients.

Free tissues, not hugs

We don’t need to say that we can’t shake hands or hug anymore. During the current pandemic. But we will supply fresh tissues which are free of charge.

Chauffeurs will wear face coverings

Our chauffeurs will cover their faces inside the vehicle to protect you. Face coverings help stop spread airborne particles. Acting like a microphone pop shield. Dramatically reducing the explosive power of a cough, sneeze or shout. We ask that you wear a face covering inside the vehicle. We can’t insist. But the latest government advice is to wear face coverings on public transport. Please wear a face covering. Your chauffeur, and his loved ones thank you.

The safest private cars on the road, enormous comfort and space, for good social distancing inside the vehicle

Our chauffeurs drive the safest cars on the road. Huge, spacious, private cars. Acclaimed for road safety. The sheer volume of their cabins aids with the social distancing challenges of coronavirus

It seems for both road and COVID-19 safety, bigger is best.

You my find it reassuring to know, that our no vehicle modification policy, means that your car is always as the manufacturer designed, and tested it. Simple. Safer.

With no ‘car pool’. Chauffeurs have their own private car. One carone chauffeur. No car or key swapping.

Informing our clients

We feel the key to staying safe is by good communication. This starts before your first journey. We will send you links to our procedures and also personal coronavirus travel safety tips.

You are safer at home.

If travel you must, let us chauffeur you with safer luxury travel every step. Every mile. All with great comfort and style. Let our award winning service make your journey a pleasure. Even in these evolving and worrying times. Well, as pleasurable as your journey can be anyway.

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