Contactless Travel

A reduced contact, Personal chauffeur service

Safe touch-free travel, with a light touch

Safety has been our priority since we started in 2005. Contactless Travel — Our vision for safer luxury travel, highlights the safety measures we have introduced since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started. A step by step procedure to guide our passengers and chauffeurs towards safer travel. Safer by reducing any physical contact between passenger, chauffeur and vehicle. Minimising the risks of physical transmission of the pathogen.

‘Our members iChauffeur have shown a fantastic example of best practice and for the Private Hire Chauffeur industry to work towards passenger safety. With the government wanting the travelling public to avoid mainstream public transport, they have set the bar high with their virus prevention measures.’

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association | (LPHCA)

Contactless Travel Video

Luxury travel with a lighter touch

The world’s first touch-free travel protocol
Contactless to reduce the transmission of the virus
Chauffeurs trained to keep you safe in and out of the vehicle
Spacious, high-end, luxury private cars, with great ventilation
Double Clean Sanitisation Standard
No harsh chemical disinfectants
UVC Light Germicidal Wand Sanitisation of luggage and other personal items
Double Cleaning – before & after each journey
Coronavirus testing for chauffeurs

Giving you the confidence to travel

First for touch-free luxury travel

Coronavirus (Covid-19) test lab

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Safety

Chauffeur wearing a coronavirus mask in a V-Class
Vehicle safety

Size matters: supersize your ride. The safest and most spacious chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles.

passenger wearing a mask inside a chauffeur vehicle
Passenger safety

Information and tips for clients and guests

Reimagining COVID-19 safety

Enlightened, next-level innovation with safe, calm, attentive professional chauffeurs

We wanted to innovate our way through this toxic travel mist, and give people the real confidence to travel. In some vehicles both the chauffeur nor passenger never need to touch a door handle. Our chauffeurs will even remind you if you are getting too close, to help prevent social distance issues. Reducing the risk of transmission of the virus by touch. Contactless Travel is our focus.

Our chauffeurs drive the safest cars on the road. Huge, spacious, private cars. Acclaimed for road safety. The sheer volume of their cabins aids with the social distancing challenges of coronavirus.