Safer Private Cars

Spacious chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles

Chauffeur-driven cars

Choose your safer ride from our private car fleet

Mercedes S-Class chauffeur car
Mercedes S-Class
Hourly rate (min 3 hours)
Daily rate (min 8 hours)
Heathrow to Central London
Prices subject to VAT
Mercedes V-Class chauffeur car
Mercedes V-Class & EQV
Hourly rate (min 3 hours)
Daily rate (min 8 hours)
Heathrow to Central London
Prices subject to VAT
Range Rover chauffeur car
Range Rover
Hourly rate (min 3 hours)
Daily rate (min 8 hours)
Heathrow to Central London
Prices subject to VAT
Bentley Mulsanne chauffeur car
Bentley Mulsanne
Hourly rate (min 3 hours)
Daily rate (min 8 hours)
Heathrow to Central London
Prices subject to VAT

Supersize your ride

Safety: Size matters.

Our cavernous Mercedes V-Class, leg-stretching S-Class Limousines and behemoth Bentleys, elevated Range Rovers, all offer class-leading interior size. And comfort and style.

The V-Class offers a social distance exceeding 2.4 metre distance between you and your chauffeur. The palatial Rolls-Royce Phantom is over 5 metres long and offers electronic released rear passenger doors. The Mercedes S-Class offers class-leading legroom, and since its debut has arguably set the standard in road safety.

Spacious, cavernous interiors

The biggest and baddest protectors of your health our fleet of cavernous private cars, limousines and people carriers. Applauded by the motoring press for advanced safety and security. To help transport you safer, and in luxury and style. The world’s greatest and finest luxury cars are also some of the safest. Passenger safety doesn’t get any better than this.

Splendid Isolation

The outright space of their large interiors make the vehicles social distance friendly. Some with 2.4 metres of distance between passenger and driver. These first class cruisers set the bar for mechanical refinement, ride comfort, cabin isolation, convenience, and opulence. All of our vehicles offer a magnificent, magic carpet ride, absorbing bumps quietly with near-perfect body control. And it has all the silence and the interior comfort needed to complement these qualities.

Drive Safer

Personal. Private. Polished. Posh.

One key component of our Contactless Travel, coronavirus (COVID-19) safety protocol is our fleet of luxury and super-luxury private cars. Gargantuan by any measure, our big guns offer social distance friendly interiors. When safety is paramount, trust the safest cars in the world to help keep you and yours safe and secure.

No vehicle swapping

One chauffeur. One car.

Our chauffeurs have their own vehicle. Nobody else drives their private chauffeur-car. We do not have a ‘pool’ of vehicles, shared between a number of drivers. One car, one chauffeur. Simple.

No vehicle modifications

None of our vehicles will be modified with Heath Robinson partitions and other types of panels. Road safety is as important as coronavirus travel safety. Safety is safety. When the manufacturers recommend, and after PCO approval, we would be very keen on the idea of installing anything that improves safety. Not something which could potentially do more harm than good in the event of an accident.

We have some of the best cars in the world. From Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Range-Rover and Rolls-Royce. Explore our collection of handsome, chauffeur-driven cars.

Dual channel Climate Control

Great ventilation

Our vehicles all have twin circuit air-conditioning. Which looks like a useful way of creating good, coronavirus defeating ventilation. Your chauffeur, will set the air-conditioning to extract only, and not recirculate the air. Which is thought to help with the airborne transmission of coronavirus. Our research, and testing backs up the praise these vehicles have received from the motoring press.