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Why chauffeur with us?

Make your life richer than ever before

Look at our track record: For almost 20 years we have attracted and retained the best clients and won multiple awards. Our clients return to us again and again, because we have the best chauffeurs. They expect first-class attention and service with a smile. And they get the best chauffeurs in the business. Every time.

The Benefits

We partner with chauffeurs to help them grow their business


You’re never just a number with iChauffeur. Our relationship with you is paramount. We value and respect all our chauffeurs and your feedback is so important to the company as a whole. We regularly meet with you to discuss your progress and any issues you may have.

Less jobs, more money

Our chauffeurs are rewarded with the best rates in the industry. You’ll also be glad to know of our simple weekly payments system, which helps you concentrate on what you do best. All the while keeping your cash flow healthy. Accelerate your profitability with iChauffeur. Earn more money, by chauffeuring less.

Generous revenue share

We pride ourselves in the quality of our chauffeur work. Our premise is to match the chauffeur with the client. In doing so, we find that clients not only have their own private driver, but the chauffeurs also have familiar clients too. This relationship works beautifully and your expertise is generously rewarded.


At the end of each week our system will email you a detailed statement of earnings. This will include any extras such as waiting time and A/D hours, with zero commission on tips, parking and tolls. If you are VAT registered then all you would need to do is return a VAT invoice to us.

Our requirements

Multi award-winning standards


PCO License
3 Years Chauffeur Experience
2 Character References
A smart Suit, Shirt and Tie
Excellent Topographical Skills

  • A transport for London Licensed vehicle (usually under 4 year’s old)
  • A copy of the MOT (If required)
  • A copy of the vehicle insurance
  • See our range of vehicles here

Our clients discretion is vital so all iChauffeur drivers will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement – what is said in the car, stays in the car.


A calm and professional attitude is paramount. We always look for a particular standard of character and the skills necessary to perform the role of an iChauffeur driver. Safe. Calm. Polite. Reliable.

What do our chauffeurs say?

One family

“I am proud to be the longest serving chauffeur at iChauffeur and I love the attitude of everyone in the business. We are a positive team that work together to give the best chauffeur-driven journeys possible. I have worked with other companies, but working with iChauffeur is like working with my family, I feel part of the team and genuinely enjoy working with our Clients and the professional team at our office in London”.

— Rosen, Mercedes S-Class

“Working for iChauffeur is an absolute pleasure. An amazing client base, highly professional chauffeurs and an outstanding office team, working with iChauffeur you really know that your part of something special. Walking into the office for the first time I knew I was making the right decision and a few years down the line I’m very privileged to be part of the iChauffeur family”.

— Jim, Mercedes S-Class

“The office seem to have a six sense and are able to pair the drivers with the clients so well.
Working with iChauffeur is an absolute pleasure.”

— David, Mercedes S-Class


We also partner with other chauffeur companies

Whether you are Self-employed or a limited company, iChauffeur is a licensed operator so you do not need an operators license. Speak with Andy or Alex or fill in the form below to begin the process.

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