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Jet off in style with our guide to the top ten private airports in London. Learn about the terminal facilities and find useful contact information for each of the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) – luxury private terminals where passengers can start and end their journey seamlessly.

1. London Luton Airport (LTN / EGGW)

One of the most popular London based private jet airports with 2 FBOs. The airport is two miles from Junction 10 of the M1 motorway and journey time from London is approximately 30-40 minutes.

Signature Flight Support

Signature Luton FBO
Image Credit: Signature

Address: Percival Way, Luton, England LU2 9PA

Phone: +44 (0) 1582 724182

Signature Luton also offers ELITE Class offering passengers travelling on easyJet flights a seamless experience using the private terminal for departures and arrivals, with dedicated check-in, immigration and security facilities.

Harrods Aviation

Harrods Aviation Private Jet Centre Luton Airport

Address: President Way, London Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9NW

Phone: +44 (0) 1582 589317 (24hr)

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2. Farnborough Airport (FAB/ EGLF)

Image Credit: James Paterson

Airports like Farnborough only offer private jet service and for the majority of our chauffeurs this is their preferred airport for private jets.

Farnborough is easy to reach via the A3 or M3 and on a good day is less than an hour’s drive from Central London. Entry into Farnborough is not possible unless you have a PPR number, this acts as an entry code to access the private airport parking.

Once you walk into reception, it is more like being in a 5 star hotel, with a beautiful airline lounge where you can sit and relax and be served light snacks and beverages.

For our chauffeurs, they also get an exclusive lounge, where they wait until being alerted that their Clients are due to land.

Address: Business Aviation Centre, Farnborough GU14 6XA

Phone: +44 (0) 1252 379000

Opening times:

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3. London Stansted Airport (STN – EGSS)

24 hour operation plus one of three airports in London that can handle VIP jets larger than the Boeing 767. The airfield opened in 1943 and was used during the Second World War as RAF Stansted Mountfitchet by the Royal Air Force.

Harrods Aviation

Address: London Stansted Airport, First Ave, Stansted CM24 1QQ

Phone: +44 (0) 1279 665300

Inflite Jet Centre

Address: The Jet Centre, Hangar 1, Stansted CM24 1RY

Phone: +44 (0) 1279 831 000


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4. London Biggin Hill Airport (BQH / EGKB)

A designated UK Port of Entry, no runway slots and convenient opening times. Biggin Hill’s biggest virtue is its distance to Central London making it a popular choice. The airport was formerly a Royal Air Force station RAF Biggin Hill, and a small enclave on the airport still retains that designation. It is also a point of entry for pets travelling in private aircraft.

Signature Flight Support

Signature Biggin Hill FBO
Image Credit: Signature

Address: Hangar 510, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, England TN16 3BN

Phone: +44 (0) 1959 577027

Opening times:

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5. London City Airport Private Jet Centre (LCY / EGLC)

Image Credit: James Paterson

Address: Royal Docks, London E16 2PJ

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7646 0400

London City Airport is the closest London Airport to the city centre:

London City Airport’s Private Jet Centre is the only private jet centre situated within London itself.

Just three miles from Canary Wharf and five miles from the City, speed and efficiency are appreciated by time-poor business travellers.

The only Jet Centre actually in London
90-second departure and 90-second arrival
World-class customer service and facilities
Easy access by road to London and Great Britain

Opening times:

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6. London RAF Northolt Jet Centre (NHT/ EGWU)

The most exclusive private jet airport in London is Royal Air Force Northolt. RAF Northolt is the Queens Airport. Good for security and privacy. Northolt predates the establishment of the Royal Air Force by almost three years, having opened in May 1915, making it the oldest RAF base.

Address: Northolt Airfield, W End Rd, Ruislip HA4 6NG

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8845 8844

Airfield operational:

7. Blackbushe Airport (BBS – EGLK)

Address: Terminal Building, Blackbushe Airport, Camberley GU17 9LQ

Phone: +44 (0) 1252 471300

Opening times:

8. London Oxford Airport (OXF/ EGTK)

Address: Langford Ln, Kidlington OX5 1RA

Phone: +44 (0) 1865 290600

Opening times:

9. London Gatwick (LGW – EGKK)

Gatwick is the world’s busiest single runway airport, and slots are required which the FBO can help in obtaining. A key transportation benefit of Gatwick is the Victoria Express, which is a 5 minute walk from the FBO front door.

Signature Flight Support

Address: Sussex Suite, Queens Gate, Horley, Gatwick RH6 0JJ

Phone: +44 (0) 1293 569000

Signature Gatwick also offers ELITE Class offering passengers travelling on commercial flights a seamless experience using the private terminal for departures and arrivals, with dedicated check-in, immigration and security facilities. 


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10. London Heathrow (LHR / EGLL)

One of the world’s busiest commercial airports, with an excellent infrastructure. Slots are required which the FBO can help in obtaining and landing fees are higher than other airports.

Signature Flight Support

Address: Aviation House, Southern Perimeter Road, Hounslow, England TW6 3AE

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8283 2500

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Chauffeur-driven vehicles for your private jet transfer

The Mercedes V-Class is one of the most popular chauffeur-driven vehicles. Many clients will choose a V-Class for their luggage and staff and book a sedan for themselves. This super spacious vehicle, can accommodate 7 passengers and their luggage, perfect for family travel.

The Mercedes S-Class is a sublime luxury limousine. With space for up to 4 passengers and room for 2 large suitcases in the boot. Safe and stylish, the S-Class is renowned for luxurious comfort.

The go-anywhere Range Rover Autobiography has a sumptuous interior and a large boot for luggage. Making it a favourite for stylish airport transfers.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne take luxury into the stratosphere. Both are exquisite and poised to make a grand arrival or departure.


Based on a journey (to or from) Central London in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or V-Class.*

*Please add VAT @ 20%

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Private Air Charter

iChauffeur are your chauffeur for all airport travel. We are a private jet transfer specialist. Providing luxury transfers to and from all private jet terminals (FBO) in London and the UK.

Private jet procedures

Whether travelling for business or leisure, every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated, confirmed, and delivered by your handler. iChauffeur will liaise with your chosen private jet centre for seamless travel, wherever your journey takes you.

The procedures for the majority of private air terminals are similar throughout the world, and just as with commercial air travel, your iChauffeur chauffeur will monitor your flight, either using one of the many flight tracking apps like Flight Aware, or by simply contacting your aviation provider and quoting your booking name or the flight number.

The advantages of private jet travel

Travelling causes a certain level anxiety in most of us but with a private jet you get to travel exclusively on your terms.

With private jet travel becoming increasingly accessible, we thought it would be useful to point out some of the major advantages should you choose to charter a flight. 


According to analysis by GlobeAir AG, a leading European very light jet (VLJ) operator – “Private jet travel provides a safer way to fly by reducing the passengers’ exposure to health and security risks. Passengers flying via a commercial airline go through 700 touchpoints on every flight, whereas private jet travelers only encounter 20 touchpoints.”

This means the potential risk for contagion is 30 times lower in private aviation than commercial travel.

As with our chauffeur cars, the less passengers there are in an enclosed space, the less exposure there is. Health risks are minimised in private terminals and jets – as passengers and their crew interact with fewer people.

Time is Money

A key benefit for taking private jets is time saved. With increased security and health checks, many airlines are recommending a 3-4 hour check in window for long haul flights, and 2-3 hour check in for short haul commercial flights.

Flying with your own pilot means you can check in as late as 30 minutes prior to your flight departing, wherever your destination.

No more queuing, or struggling with heavy suitcases

Flying by private jet means that the moment you enter your dedicated terminal, your cases are whisked away. You are then offered refreshments as you confirm your reservation with your personal flight manager.

Arrive in Style

One of the advantages of private jet travel is that you can clear customs and immigration whilst on board.

Prior to take off, and once your aircraft has landed, customs and excise will then come on board and clear you for immigration.

Whilst you are busy with the officers your luggage is being seamlessly loaded and then given to your iChauffeur chauffeur who will be parked on the tarmac close to your jet.

For those of you that want to freshen up before you go onto your next destination – your chauffeur will drive you to the arrivals terminal where you can grab a shower in the dedicated arrivals suites.

As soon as you are ready to leave, your chauffeur will be waiting for you (passenger door ready and open) for you to start the next leg of your journey.

Space on board

Depending on what aircraft you charter and the number of you travelling, chances are that you will have significantly more space, even compared to the most luxurious first class suite. 

Create your own menu

Additionally you will be served refreshments and meals that you have chosen prior to your flight, probably when you initially booked the charter. Table service in larger cabin jets is every bit as attentive and satisfying as a fine dining restaurant.

 Private jets are stocked with a wide assortment of popular beverages and carefully curated snacks. No more chicken or beef – try starting with some delicious oysters followed by a wagyu steak, cooked exactly to your requirements.

Stay connected with WiFi available on board and enjoy high-definition in-flight TV, movies, and news features.

Do not disturb

Flying by luxury jet provides complete privacy from take-off to touchdown.

Whether you prefer to play your favourite music, crack open a bottle of your champagne, you’re free to do as you please.

Flying private, with spacious, walkable cabins allows your party to work, play or both – You’re in control.

The whole family is welcome

For those of you wanting to travel with your pets they can fly in the cabin with you (subject to arrival destination regulations) which is great for nervous animals (and owners) as it means you can check on the well being of your pet throughout the flight – and vice versa!

It is important that animals be restrained during take-off, landing, and during turbulence. Pet carriers for cats are recommend and dogs may also be carried in the cabin provided that the cabin is large enough to accommodate the particular size of the dog.

Emergency and medical supplies

Flight crews receive comprehensive training in the use of emergency medical supplies that are always on board. These supplies may include: Life-saving medical kits,  emergency oxygen, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

5-star service in the sky

Whether you’re chartering a large jet for a business trip with colleagues or a small jet for a romantic island getaway, professional flight crews and attendants provide impeccable service during your flight. 

Chauffeured vehicles for your private jet transfer

The Mercedes V-Class is one of the most requested vehicles for private jet transfers, and very often Client’s will choose a V-Class for their luggage and staff and book another chauffeur car for themselves. This super spacious vehicle, can take up to 10 suitcases and comfortably seat 7 passengers, perfect for families taking a holiday abroad.

For those Clients travelling light the Mercedes S-Class is no stranger to private airfields across the world, the S-Class sets the standard for luxury sedan travel globally.

If you want a bit more luggage space the Range Rover Autobiography is a perfect fit with outstanding 4×4 capabilities and sumptuous spacious interior.

Finally we can offer you the super luxury. The Bentley Mulsanne or the Rolls-Royce Phantom, both vehicles offer the best in absolute luxury and panache.


*Based on a journey (to or from) Central London in a S-Class or V-Class Mercedes-Benz.

*Please add VAT @ 20%

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Chauffeurs’ top 7 driving tips

Our 7 point guide to driving like a professional chauffeur.

Want to improve your driving skills? Would you like to stay cool, calm and collected like a professional chauffeur when you drive? Unflustered, unhurried and always on time?

Would you like to say goodbye to road rage and learn how to keep your passengers happy?

  1. Plan the route

    Before heading off to somewhere unfamiliar, you need to research your route. Develop a clear sense of where you are going before you set off. This includes car parking spots. And even the entrance to the pickup and drop-off locations. Many hotels, restaurants and airports will offer driving directions on their website. Google Maps’ Street View is great for research. Even noting the colour of the client’s front door can be useful. Devise a backup route in case of the unexpected. In a Telegraph survey the most cited cause of risky driving is getting lost. The survey shows that distracted drivers are by no means safe drivers

  2. Give yourself time

    Our chauffeurs are never late. They allow plenty of time before their pickups. Adding some extra margin to the pickup time you help avoid getting stressed. By setting off earlier, you allow for stuff to happen such as heavy traffic or unforeseen road closures. Stuff happens. Leave early.

  3. Drive defensively

    While you can’t control the way other motorists drive, you can control how you react to them. You can look ahead and anticipate potential dangers. Does that driver know his indicator is flashing? Are the cars in front too close to one another? Expect the unexpected and plan for it. Keep your distance. The more space you keep around you, the less chance you will have of a collision. Keep a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you. Make that 4 seconds in bad weather. Observe, anticipate and plan. So, what can I see? What could it mean for me? What do I need to do to stay safe? There are many visual clues we can take from the environment to help us. Oberving road traffic signs and markings are the most obvious. The more signs and road markings the greater the chance of danger. While skid marks on the road show potential areas for caution. Similarly the line of trees, hedges, buildings, street lights and telegraph poles can all help show the road ahead. But remember telegraph poles sometimes run through fields, so don’t follow them!

  4. Drive smoothly

    Erratic driving is as bad for the environment as it is for the passengers. Erratic driving will use more fuel and also increase wear and tear to the vehicle. Passengers don’t have a steering wheel to hold on to and perceive g-forces more than the driver. So how do you drive smoothly? Anticipating the road ahead will help your driving to become smoother. If there is a queue ahead you could start easing off the accelerator earlier, reducing both the amount of braking and fuel required. And making the deceleration smoother.

  5. Be patient

    We all make mistakes. So don’t penalise other road users for their errors. So what can safe, experienced drivers do to help account for the mistakes of others? Take a deep breath and carry on. While you can’t control the way other motorists drive, you can control how you react to them. It is unacceptable to get angry behind the wheel. Learn to let things go. It might be tempting to retaliate, but it would be unprofessional for a chauffeur to do so. Practicing mindfulness, being in the present moment, might help you drive safer. If you are early you could even do a simple meditation before you set off. Just concentrating on your breathing for a couple of minutes. This will help you relax your mind and help with your composure before you start driving.

  6. Know your vehicle

    Make sure you have enough fuel. Except for longer trips it is unacceptable to stop for fuel with the passenger onboard. Know how to control the climate of the vehicle. How to adjust seats and pull down armrests. Know how to operate the in car entertainment system. The more proficient you are will make your passengers more comfortable. It also helps make you safer too. As will keeping the vehicle well maintained and serviced. Make sure all fluid levels are checked, tyre pressure and tread depth, as well as lights and indicators are correct and functioning.

  7. Observe the Highway Code

    Respect the rules of the road. Safe drivers do not speed. They don’t use their phones whilst driving also. Safe drivers observe the Highway Code. The most experienced chauffeurs do not bend the rules. Being a responsible road user means following the rules. They make everyone safer.

We hope you have found this guide to driving like a chauffeur useful. You might enjoy our article on what makes a great chauffeur too. You might find what is the best chauffeur car? helpful too.

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Choosing the best chauffeur car is subjective

One could argue that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the best chauffeur car. Similarly, the Rolls-Royce Phantom would also make it to the very top of many lists.

We all have personal favourites. But what is really the best?

Is it the safest, most comfortable, or luxurious? Perhaps you would choose the vehicle with the best environmental credentials? Or the largest boot?

Read on to discover what is the best chauffeur car for UK chauffeurs.

Bentley chauffeur car badge

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Beloved by our clients, as well as a firm favourite with the chauffeurs, the S-Class is the chauffeur car to beat. For years the S-Class has set the standard in safety. The latest recently launched seventh- generation brings more of the same. Its consistent performance year on year has set the S-Class apart from strong competition from BMW and Audi.

For those with £160,000 budget, the new 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class luxury limo comes with lashings of technology, styling and safety, but its price tag then starts to move closer to the Bentley Mulsanne’s price which starts at £241,000.

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Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The V-Class doesn’t have any peers when you are travelling with more than 4 passengers. Offering luxurious travel for up to 7 passengers, and their luggage – A stylish minivan/MPV for group travel. The V-Class is a versatile and capable vehicle and has always been the chauffeur’s first choice in people carriers, even with the previous Vito and Viano models.

Mercedes pure-electric EQV luxury MPV is on sale in the UK now, with prices starting from £70,665 and is the obvious eco-friendly choice. Mercedes has mounted the EQV’s battery pack under the vehicle’s floor – which means there’s no real difference to the amount of interior space over the standard V-Class.

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Rolls-Royce Phantom

Always in the running for the best chauffeur car award. Handcrafted in Goodwood where a space-age aluminium chassis is fused with the finest leather and woodwork. The Phantom is an exquisite chauffeur car.

The eighth generation Rolls-Royce Phantom starts at £351,486 so is a far more expensive choice. The Phantom has always stood unchallenged at the top of its super luxury vehicle class. Owning this classic gem adds prestige to any chauffeur outfit.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

More affordable than its big brother the S-Class, the popular E 300 e AMG Line Edition plug-in hybrid, is priced from £46,230. The E-Class is a capable executive class chauffeur car. A polished performer with an upmarket interior. With autonomous emergency braking and nine airbags as standard, safety is strong.

Although the E-Class is not as luxurious as the other chauffeur cars, it is popular with chauffeurs within the business class sector, and is a reliable workhorse.

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Range Rover Autobiography

Go-anywhere in safety, comfort and style in the Range Rover Autobiography. Enjoy an elevated ride with luxury in abundance. An incredibly refined SUV with a spacious interior. The long wheelbase (LWB) version of the current Range Rover is some 200mm longer than the standard model and has larger rear doors for more legroom.

The new Range Rover LWB is likely to go on sale in 2021. Expect it to cost beyond £170,000 for the most expensive long-wheelbase model.

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Bentley Mulsanne

The Mulsanne is the first ground-up new design from Bentley in 80 years and does not disappoint. With a plush inviting interior to delight its passengers. And complete with acres of torque make this a very smooth ride – it also has real driver appeal.

Prices start from £240,930 in 2021 from Crewe’s production line. In 2016, the Mulsanne came facelifted to stand up to the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Mercedes-Maybach S 600.

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The best chauffeur car verdict

Each of the above vehicles could legitimately lay claim to being the best chauffeur car. Your reasons for hiring one will differ.

If you want a grand entrance, choose the Rolls-Royce Phantom. If you want to keep the accounts department happy choose the E-Class.

For many the S-Class or larger V-Class will tick all the right boxes. For others the Bentley or Range Rover are the only cars that matter.

But rest assured, all are great chauffeur cars, the real question is: which is best for you?

But remember, almost anyone can buy a fancy chauffeur car, what is harder to find is a great chauffeur.

Call or contact us to discuss finding the best chauffeur car for your next journey.

This is embarrassing. This shouldn't happen.

Some might call iChauffeur a ‘luxury taxi’ service. We certainly do offer a luxurious service, but we do not provide luxury taxis.

Strictly speaking, iChauffeur are a Transport for London (TfL) Licensed Operator of Private Hire Vehicles (PHV). Taxis are defined as cars available for immediate hire which can be hailed on the street, while PHVs must be booked.

Our vehicles do not have an amber light showing they are for hire. Nor do they have a taximeter fitted. You will not see our vehicles queuing in taxi ranks. Nor see them covered in decals, advertising or other livery.

Exceeding expectations

But if your definition of ‘luxury taxi’ is a luxurious car for private hire, then we may indeed exceed your expectations.

For a start, you won’t get a driver, you’ll hire a chauffeur. A concierge on wheels. A motorised butler to cater for your every whim. Someone to open your doors, carry your luggage, hold your umbrella, charge your phone.

In fact with iChauffeur you won’t just get a chauffeur, you’ll get a great chauffeur. Someone who goes the extra mile.

Luxury guaranteed

If it’s luxury you are after, look no further than our chauffeur-driven vehicles. We have the most luxurious vehicles on the planet. Ranging from silky smooth Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class luxury sedans.

Or for an elevated experience choose the Range Rover Autobiography. For super-luxury choose Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Or for larger groups, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class will carry up to 7 in comfort and style.

So, iChauffeur is not a luxury taxi service, it is much more than that. A world-class, award-winning chauffeur company. With an experienced and helpful booking team to help you plan your travel.

As well as offering advice on journey times, or to explain how the meet and greet works. And keep you informed through every stage of the booking process. They will also allocate your personal chauffeur. Someone ideally suited to the requirements of your journey.

More than an app

We believe that there is a superior and safer alternative to taxi or ride-hailing rides. Bespoke travel can’t yet be done on an app. Life can be messy. It doesn’t follow a script. Personal attention to journey specifics is crucial to our clients. Especially during the pandemic.

Safety is very much in the details of the essential social distancing and sanitisation protocols. Which are are only as effective as the human-being carrying them out. Do you expect your taxi driver to spend 15 minutes before and after every journey sanitising their vehicle’s touch points? Expect your iChauffeur chauffeur to do just that.

More than a luxury taxi

Some might say that iChauffeur is a luxury taxi service. We would never say that. Don’t call us a luxury taxi, just call us.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Spirit of Ecstasy
This is embarrassing. This shouldn't happen.

A driver is any operator of a motor vehicle. A chauffeur is someone employed to look after the needs of the passenger as well as the operation of the motor vehicle. A chauffeur is an experienced, licensed professional.

A chauffeur will serve your every need; from security, to booking reservations, sourcing restaurants, school runs and errands.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for a great chauffeur.

Chauffeur vs Driver

A chauffeur will possess many qualities that drivers do not have. Over the past 15 years at iChauffeur, we have interviewed and worked with literally thousands of chauffeurs. We have found the best chauffeurs excel in the following ways:

The role of a chauffeur can be a lot more varied than the role of a driver. For chauffeurs, it is vital that they have the ability to adapt to different roles, and they achieve this through ongoing training and collaboration with the team at their head office and their fellow chauffeurs.

For us at iChauffeur we encourage open communication and we work with our chauffeurs when planning any new projects. Specific journeys often require specialised skills. Ranging from the chauffeur needing to be able to speak French, to more complex requirements. Such as being the lead chauffeur in a convoy of 15+ vehicles.

EQ not IQ

Ability to empathise with people – ability to read situations and know when to step in – a genuine passion for the human race. 

Differences between drivers and chauffeurs – A professional chauffeur will provide you with the highest quality of service including:

Chauffeurs provide different types of services to drivers

In addition, chauffeurs offer an array of professional services which a driver would not undertake, including:

Training, training, training

Although chauffeurs and drivers share the requirement of holding a PCO license for both themselves and their vehicles – A driver may not have any further training at all. Here are some of the differences found in a chauffeurs’ training:

I’m like a butler on wheels!

iChauffeur chauffeur

How would you like to be met at the airport?

To bring this to life  we thought we would show you what happens when you are met by an iChauffeur chauffeur at the airport.

A chauffeur will always be early. You will not have to wait for him. Your chauffeur will send you an SMS advising you exactly where he is waiting for you in the arrivals hall. He may offer you your favourite beverage on arrival.

On meeting your chauffeur – he or she will be wearing a dark suit and tie, and will be holding an electronic name-board – so he’ll never be hard to find. The chauffeur will not ask you to pay for parking or ask you to find change for the parking machine.

Your chauffeur will carry all your luggage and pack the boot. He or she will open and close the car doors when you enter/exit the vehicle.

You’ll have a choice of music / entertainment and will be offered sanitising hand wipes / gel, bottled water, newspapers and treats. 
As you leave the vehicle your chauffeur will do a sweep of the car, including under the seat and in the boot, to ensure you have not left your mobile phone or glasses or any other personal belongings.


All drivers are not chauffeurs. All chauffeurs are great drivers. A chauffeur has a fine blend of personal and professional qualities which make them ideally suited to cater for their exacting clientele. Their vehicle will be outstanding, as will their personal appearance. A chauffeur does much more than turn the steering wheel in the right direction. A chauffeur’s people skills are every bit the match of their driving skills. The journey is as important as the destination.

If you have time, take a look at a week in the life of a chauffeur so you’ll really understand the difference – our chauffeurs offer a concierge experience. They have an uncanny ability to anticipate and react to challenges on the journey, without you even realising there were any problems.

This is embarrassing. This shouldn't happen.

How much does a chauffeur cost? A chauffeur-driven car will cost somewhere between £50 and £130 + VAT per hour. The price varies depending on what vehicle is hired. Ranging from a Mercedes E-Class to a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Normally there is a 3 hour minimum charge applicable.

What is the hourly rate for a chauffeur?

E-Class Mercedes£50.00 per hour
S-Class Mercedes£60.00 per hour
V-Class Mercedes£60.00 per hour
Range Rover Autobiography£85.00 per hour
Bentley Mulsanne£100.00 per hour
Rolls-Royce Phantom£130.00 per hour

*Minimum of 3 hours / *Please add VAT at 20%

How much does a chauffeur cost per day?

E-Class Mercedes£400.00 per day
S-Class Mercedes£480.00 per day
V-Class Mercedes£480.00 per day
Range Rover Autobiography£680.00 per day
Bentley Mulsanne£800.00 per day
Rolls-Royce Phantom£1040.00 per day

*8 hours / *Please add VAT at 20%

How do I get a quotation for a chauffeur?

Get a free instant quotation by clicking the link below:

How do you calculate the cost of a chauffeur journey?

There are 4 basic factors for determining the price of a chauffeur driven journey:

What vehicle are you looking for?


The first thing we look at is what vehicle you want to hire as this is another aspect that affects the price.

Business Class

Our entry level vehicle is the sleek Mercedes E-Class, often referred to as the ‘business class’ option. Most companies also include BMW 5 series as an alternative to the Mercedes E Class, at iChauffeur we believe if you book a Mercedes E-Class we will send you a Mercedes E Class, no other manufacturers are acceptable.

First Class

The next level up, the ‘first class’ option, is the undeniably beautiful Mercedes S-Class – the industry standard for a super luxury sedan. Although not much more expensive than the Mercedes E-Class to hire with a chauffeur.

With many companies, if you book their first class option, you may travel in a BMW 7 series or Audi 8. With iChauffeur you will get a Mercedes S-Class, guaranteed.


If there are a party of you travelling the Mercedes V-Class is probably going to be your most cost effective option. The Mercedes V-Class can comfortably hold up to 7 passengers.


A relative newcomer to the chauffeur SUV market is the Range Rover Autobiography, the ultimate SUV. This is the Vogue’s big brother, the Autobiography has the abilities of a 4X4 with the interior of a luxury saloon.

Ultra luxury

At the super luxury level there is of course Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Probably not for everyday use, but simply divine when you want an occasion to feel extra special. Stretch out in the exquisite hand crafted interiors and experience the very best in chauffeur driven luxury

I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too.

Steve Martin

How much does a personal driver cost a year?

As a guide, a chauffeur in London may earn between £30-£60,000 per year, depending on their hours, experience and duties.

Chauffeurs’ earnings can vary considerably, depending on the amount of hours they work and the flexibility required from them. Normally, a personal chauffeur will work 5 or 6 days a week, or around 40-50 hours.

Most chauffeurs will be employed on a “live out” basis. Normally the chauffeur will keep the employers car at home to ensure they are ready for early pick-ups and late evening drop-offs. Family chauffeurs may live on site, and may work as much as 70 hours per week, when the family is at home. They will also be available for other duties such as picking up shopping, collecting children from school, running errands, care taking and security.

How much does a private driver earn?

As a general guide, a private driver in London may earn between £30-£60,000 per year, depending on their hours, experience and duties. According to Payscale: The Average Chauffeur Salary in London is £34,964 plus bonus.

As far as the cost to the employer – this may be between £50-£200,000 per year depending on the vehicle.

Some chauffeurs will work as subcontractors (usually for a few months here and there) and some will be PAYE employees, who will be entitled to paid annual leave, as well as sick pay, maternity or paternity pay and adoption pay.

If you have time, take a look at a week in the life of a chauffeur so you’ll really understand why a good chauffeur is worth every penny.

This is embarrassing. This shouldn't happen.

Prepare Your Wish List

15% off in December

Last month was our 15th birthday and to celebrate we offered you a 15% discount for any journey you made and booked with us in November. A few days after we announced this the country went into lockdown. Meaning many of you could not use your voucher. As lockdown ends we would like to extend our 15% offer throughout December.

Simply quote iChristmas when you make your booking and you will receive 15%* off your usual journey price.

Also, we have put together some discounted holiday shopping packages. So that you can buy gifts for your loved ones as safely and securely as possible.

Safe Chauffeur-driven Christmas Shopping Packages

London is famed the world over for having the best shops. Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges offer luxury brands on every floor. Fortnum and Mason for the world’s most loved and decadent food offerings. Shopping for children? Hamleys is the first port of call for toys and games and Lillywhites for all things sporty. Enjoy the best of London shopping with 15% off.

London Half Day Shopping
£204.00 + VAT – save 15%

4 hours from pick up from your home/hotel to dropping you at your final destination **

London Full Day Shopping
£408.00 + VAT – save 15%

8 hours from pick up from your home/hotel to dropping you at your final destination **

All offers include chauffeur-driven travel in the beautiful Mercedes S-Class. For larger groups (up to 7 passengers), the Mercedes V-Class also offers plenty of luggage space. So you can truly shop until you drop.

For your safety, all our chauffeurs have daily temperature checks and can take a COVID test on request ***. Each vehicle is meticulously sanitised before and after every journey.

Santa’s new helpers

For those of you wanting peace of mind with fragile and precious Christmas present deliveries let our team of Santa’s helpers make sure your gifts are delivered securely and safely. Our chauffeurs can collect from stores across the UK and take your gifts to their intended recipients the same day giving you peace of mind that your presents will not be left in the incorrect porch, or thrown into the wrong garden.

Merry Christmas


* Offer limited to one per household. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other iChauffeur offers or discounts. Offer only valid for journeys booked, paid and made in December

** Package from pick up address within the M25 to final drop off within the M25.

*** COVID test subject to availability, additional costs may be incurred. 

We wish you all a happy holiday and we are looking forward to easing of restrictions in the coming months. Until then we are here to ensure that you can travel safely and securely in style and comfort.

Your iChauffeur Team

iCHAUFFEUR Launches the UK’s Most Exclusive Chauffeur Driven Tour

From December 2019, the world’s finest chauffeur service, iChauffeur, will launch the UK’s most exclusive chauffeur driven tour. The ten-day suggested itinerary caters to the discerning business or leisure traveller who wishes to experience only the very best of the UK in absolute comfort and style. 

The tour begins and ends in London and includes the choice of a chauffeur driven Range Rover Autobiography, Bentley Mulsanne or Rolls-Royce Phantom, in addition to accommodation at some of the UK’s most sought after properties. From London’s The Connaught Hotel, to Oxford’s Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, The Dormy House in the idyllic setting of the Cotswolds to The Lodore Falls in the picturesque Lake District. While in Scotland, guests will stay at Edinburgh’s iconic Balmoral Hotel and St Andrews’ Old Course Hotel, with its inimitable access to world class golf. 

With over twenty years of experience delivering exceptional service to clients, iChauffeur prides itself on its network of deeply-rooted contacts and exclusive insider access. In London, guests will enjoy a private sunset cruise along the Thames, before an after-hours viewing of the Crown Jewels, coupled with dinner and cocktails. They will also have the opportunity to dine at Spencer House with Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana, enjoy a behind the scene experience of Blenheim Palace with a visit to the exclusive private apartments, and have a guided tour around Oxford University’s Christchurch College by the Vice-Chancellor. Elsewhere along the route, a private cooking lesson with a Michelin-starred chef and cocktail masterclass with a renowned mixologist may also be experienced, as well as a private yacht cruise across Lake Windermere, a Scotch Whisky experience with an expert ‘Keeper of the Quaich’ and golf instruction under the guidance of a PGA Qualified professional

iChauffeur recognises that travel is as much an opportunity to relax and indulge as it is a time for cerebral pursuits, learning new skills and experiencing new emotions. Decadent afternoon teas and time in the spa at The Lygon Arms is sure to rejuvenate, while active pursuits in the wild landscape of Scotland will invigorate. Retail therapy in the company of an antiques expert in the Cotswolds’ treasure-studded Broadway is balanced with the developing of new skills such as floristry or perfumery at Daylesford

iChauffeur’s tour will launch from December 2019 and will be priced from £87,500 per person based on two guests. Other cars are also available upon request. To book or enquire about this tour, please email, call +44 (0) 208 400 4829 or visit

iChauffeur Launches the UK’s Most Exclusive Chauffeur Driven Tour 


About iChauffeur: Founded by the late Andrew Senior and sons Will and Richard in 2005, award-winning iChauffeur has since developed into one of the world’s finest chauffeur companies. Having started with just two vehicles and a handful of exclusive clientele, today iChauffeur has more than 100 professional chauffeurs with an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles from Mercedes S- Classes to Range Rovers and Rolls-Royces. In addition to providing chauffeur services, iChauffeur also offers clients bespoke tours, close protection, special event co-ordination and exclusive experiences in the UK and in over 100 cities worldwide. With a name synonymous for professionalism, refinement and luxury, iChauffeur’s global network is redefining luxury travel. 

For press enquiries please contact The Dovetail Agency: Alice Jackson +44 (0)20 3709 7809

iCHAUFFEUR Offers Magical Christmas Market Experiences

In the absence of a ‘one horse open sleigh’ to whisk you to this year’s Christmas Markets, iChauffeur (, recognised as one of the finest chauffeur companies in the world, has launched a new service in time for the festive season. Travel in decadent comfort, complete with faux-fur throws and warming spirits to boost seasonal cheer, in one of iChauffeur’s fleet of luxury vehicles, to your choice of Christmas market.

Between forays into the stalls and chalets set up to recreate enchanted winter settings, complete with twinkling lights, enticing scents and tempting gifts, clients will be able to return to their waiting vehicles to warm up and drop off purchases – all the better for leaving the hands free to sample crisp, chocolate dipped churros, mulled wine, fragrant mince pies and spicy Bratwurst.

Winchester Christmas Market
Running from 21st November to 22nd December, this Christmas Market is one of Britain’s best, thanks to its magical atmosphere, British Crafts Village and wealth of chalets to explore. It’s a huge drawcard for American travellers too, having been voted one of the top Christmas Markets in Europe by The New York Post. Attracting more than 350,000 visitors each year, the market surrounds a covered ice-rink, creating a wintry landscape even in the absence of that longed-for white Christmas.

Bath Christmas Market
The famed honeycomb buildings of Bath get an extra special glow at Christmas time, when more than 150 fairylight-bedecked chalets extend through the city’s charming Georgian streets. Stuffed with temptations, ranging from artisan crafts and handmade homewares to exquisite decorations and personalised gifts, the market runs from 28th November to 15th December, and features a host of musicians and performers to entertain young and old alike.

Gloucester Quays Christmas Market
With half a million visitors last year, the Gloucester Quays Christmas Markets features an open-air ice rink and Victorian fairground rides. Running from 14th November to 24th November, there are over 150 stalls for visitors to browse, all in a sparkling waterside setting.

Lincoln Christmas Market
Despite its relatively short duration, Lincoln packs a lot of Christmas cheer into its award-winning market, which runs from 5th to 8th December. Over 250 stalls line the streets of this quintessentially British city, which features both a castle and a cathedral.

For visitors wishing to extend their festive experiences for each location, iChauffeur can assist with hotel reservations, as well as recommendations about events and restaurants. Alternatively, be transported back to your point of departure in style and comfort, ready to unload your festive purchases: flexibility is key to iChauffeur’s offering, with clients able to create bespoke tours according to their own interests, as well as having the freedom to deviate from plans mid-way through a tour.

To book a journey or enquire about one of iChauffeur’s additional services, please email, call +44 (0) 208 400 4829 or visit

For press enquiries please contact The Dovetail Agency:
Alice Jackson
+44 (0)20 3709 7809

Exclusive access to Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle

After an absence of nearly four years from our televisions, the September 13th release of Downton Abbey has put the trials and tribulations of the Crawley family firmly back in the public consciousness.

It’s also reignited interest in the rolling countryside and sumptuous settings against which the family’s dramas are played out – and nowhere better exemplifies this than Downton Abbey itself, which in real life is Hampshire’s Highclere Castle.

Recognised as one of the finest chauffeur companies in the world, iChauffeur ( offers clients the opportunity to visit the striking 5,000-acre estate in one of the company’s high-end vehicles, ranging from a Mercedes S or V Class to a Range Rover Autobiography. After two hours exploring the Castle, clients will continue on to the quintessentially British Cotswolds, famed for charming honey-coloured buildings, antiques and country pubs, and then on to Blenheim Palace for a tour of its interiors and grounds.

For clients wanting an experience even more immersive and exclusive, iChauffeur can facilitate a private reception at the castle for up to 15 people, with drinks and canapes served in its elegant surroundings. A senior member of the Royal Household will escort guests around the property on a private tour, allowing genuine ‘behind the scenes’ insights into the castle, not only as film set, but also as an historical site and working estate.

With its global network of expert drivers and luxury vehicles, iChauffeur continues to redefine experimental travel. Each experience is hosted by a fully qualified and professional iChauffeur driver, who boast expert local knowledge into each region, delivering the utmost in discretion and service. Flexibility is also key to the offering, with clients able to tailor bespoke tours, adding elements to itineraries according to their own interests.

To book a journey or enquire about one of iChauffeur’s additional services, please email, call +44 (0) 208 400 4829 or visit
For press enquiries please contact The Dovetail Agency:
Alice Jackson

iCHAUFFEUR Caters to the Discerning American Traveller

iChauffeur (, recognised as one of the finest chauffeur companies in the world, allows clients to enjoy rare access to some of Britain’s most coveted destinations. With its global network of expert drivers and luxury vehicles, iChauffeur continues to redefine experimental travel. Each experience is hosted by a fully qualified and professional iChauffeur driver, who boast expert local knowledge into each region, delivering the utmost in discreet service for clients.

Great Britain, steeped in the allure of history, has long been a popular destination with the American market – plus, of course, there is no language barrier to grapple with. Britain’s dinky size is also incredibly appealing to the expansive Americans, surrounded, as they are, by vast landscapes and sprawling spaces.

Americans have less holiday allowance than their European counterparts, so making the most of their time on the ground is key to their travel sensibility. Rarely will Americans have the time to seek out hidden gems; their impulse is to visit the well-known destinations that are sure to deliver.

iChauffeur offers the discerning, time-poor American traveller the best of all worlds, taking care of all of the scheduling and access details so that clients can relax in the comfort of a luxury vehicle in between destinations, safe in the knowledge that they will be taken directly to the most desirable of sights and attractions.

The Cotswolds, embodying that quintessentially British charm which is just about impossible to replicate in other countries, is hugely popular with the US visitor: its honey coloured buildings, wealth of antiques, cosy pubs, burbling waterways and quaint stone bridges spark delight for all. iChauffeur can take clients on an immersive tour of the region, combining this, if desired, with a visit to Highclere Castle, which is perhaps better known as the setting of Downton Abbey, which has a huge US following.

Genealogy tourism is also an ever-growing trend in the US, with a huge proportion of ancestry travellers seeking to connect with their Scottish roots: indeed, it’s estimated that around 25 million of Americans today can lay claim to Scottish descent. iChauffeur can curate tours taking in some the country’s most idyllic sights, including the Lowlands and Loch Lomond, castles, distilleries, rivers and gorges, as well as the Jacobite Steam Train, perhaps better known as The Hogwarts Express, which provides views of some of Scotland’s most impressive natural landmarks along its 42-mile journey. Flexibility is key to iChauffeur’s offering, with clients able to create bespoke tours according to their own interests.

London, of course, never fails to enthral and iChauffeur are not only on hand to make the experience of travelling between landmarks more comfortable and relaxing, but also to arrange exclusive access to some of the capital’s best-known landmarks, such as an after-hours walking tour of the Tower of London.

Editors and journalists are also invited to contact The Dovetail Agency if they are travelling to the United Kingdom and wish to arrange a transfer in return for confirmed editorial coverage.

To book a journey or enquire about one of iChauffeur’s additional services, please email, call +44 (0) 208 400 4829 or visit
For press enquiries please contact The Dovetail Agency:
Alice Jackson
+44 (0)20 3709 7809