Executive Class Travel

Comfortable and Affordable Business Class Transport

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class chauffeur car is the perfect executive level chauffeur car for all types of business trips and airport transfers. The E-Class packs safety, luxury and style into one very affordable package. Like its big brother, the S-Class Limousine it features many of the hallmarks that have made Mercedes-Benz one of the finest automobile manufacturers.

Book Your E-Class

4 Passengers
2 Small cases
2 Bags
In car WiFi
Onboard Wi-Fi
Mercedes E-Class chauffeur car

First class chauffeur

Free 60 mins airport parking

First class Free 60 mins waiting time for airport pickups, 15 mins for all others

Includes meet & greet

Free cancellation within 24 hours

Hourly rate (minimum 3 hours)
Day rate (8 hours)
Heathrow to Central London
Prices subject to VAT