Extraordinary luxury

The Bentley Mulsanne chauffeur car is exquisite and regal and sits perfectly with the iChauffeur fleet of super-luxury vehicles. The suspension is continuously variable and tuned for a cushy ride. The passenger rear seats recline and offer a massage feature as well as being heated and cooled. The interior cabin features some stunning finishes. The rear cup holders are hand-trimmed in leather and the rear-seat picnic tables are very handy. It takes craftsmen more than 170 man-hours to craft the interior Bentley say.

Book Your Bentley Chauffeur

4 Passengers
2 Suitcases
2 Bags
In car WiFi
Onboard Wi-Fi
Bentley Mulsanne chauffeur car

First class chauffeur

Free 60 mins airport parking

Free 60 mins waiting time for airport pickups, 15 mins for all others

Includes meet & greet

Free cancellation within 24 hours

Hourly rate (minimum 5 hours)
Day rate (8 hours)
Heathrow to Central London
Prices subject to VAT

Perfect for chauffeur duty

The Bentley Mulsanne can be hired for lavish weddings, as directed chauffeur-driven journeys to sporting or social events, as well as other special occasions. The Bentley also offers serious comfort for the discerning business executive while travelling in London or the rest of the UK. Please speak to our support team to find out more.