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Cheltenham Races Chauffeur Service

Hire a Chauffeur for the Festival

Are you traveling from London to The Festival? Whether you’re traveling in pairs or groups, iChauffeur is a fantastic transport option with guaranteed First Class seats.

Choose a luxury chauffeur-driven vehicle from our superb range of Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Bentley or Rolls-Royce and be driven by your own personal chauffeur. Enjoy a smooth, safe journey to and from the Cheltenham races.

Over the course of the 4 days there are estimated to be over 65,000 visitors to the races. Let us help you escape the crowds on trains (and the queues for taxis) allowing you to arrive in the tranquil interior of an iChauffeur vehicle. With a multitude of luxury options available from the E-class Mercedes through to the Luxury 20 seater minibus, there is something for all party sizes.

If you have a restaurant package, a private box overlooking the finish line, or if your horse is in the running, there are a number of vehicle options available. Enjoy exhilarating racing knowing you have your personal chauffeur for the day – award-winning chauffeur services using drivers of the highest standard.

There is a variety of options to suit every budget for The Festival 2019.

Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival 2019

Cheltenham Festival is returns on March 12th for 4 more days of unparalleled jump racing worldwide. Established in 1819, originally as a 3 mile flat race with a top prize of 100 guineas, the Gold Cup has evolved over the last 200 years to be the most prestigious of all National Hunt events and is sometimes referred as the ‘Blue Riband’ of jump racing.


Day 1
This is the Champion Day and features the Champion Hurdle trophy seen by many as the most important hurdle race of the season with a huge £450,000.00 prize for the winner.

Day 2
This is Ladies day where all the Ladies get a chance to show of the latest in haute couture and have a chance to win prizes for the best dressed lady. Why not let iChauffeur transport you in style to ensure your clothes look as fresh as when you started the day when you arrive. For those of you travelling with friends The Mercedes V-Class can transport 7 people and for larger groups we have Mercedes mini-coaches, all with bespoke hand built interiors, that can transport up to 20 people.

Day 3
This is called St Patrick’s Thursday and features races sponsored by Ryan air and also Brown Advsiory amongst others. Enjoy the day in the exclusive Gin and Jazz lounge, safe in the knowledge that you chauffeur is waiting to drive you home once the days racing and festivities are over.
If you want to make a real statement the Rolls-Royce is the ultimate in style and luxury. Your chauffeur will take you as close as he can to your entrance and be waiting for you throughout the day until you are ready to leave.

Day 4
This is Gold Cup day and the genuine highlight of the 4 days and often described as the most important event in the racing calendar. This year the prize money for the winner is an incredible £625,000.00.

To obtain your personalised quote for Cheltenham this year please call the office on 020 8400 4829 and talk with one of our professional team.

iChauffeur – Your Chauffeur

Your Euro 2020 Chauffeur

To celebrate 60 years of the Euros the organising committee wanted the whole of Europe to be part of the summer celebrations, rather than traditionally, when there is just one main host nation.

In 2020 there will be 12 countries each hosting matches with the semi-finals and final all being held at what is considered the ‘Home of Football’ – Wembley Stadium.


If you are entertaining Clients or you are a official sponsor – why not try out one of our super-luxury mini coaches which can seat anything from 8 to 20 passengers. For smaller groups the Mercedes V-Class can transport up to 7 guests in stylish luxury.

We are also delighted to be able to offer all our Clients that same iChauffeur service across all the venues in Europe, from Rome to Bucharest, our iChauffeur chauffeurs will look after you.

For those of you planning to follow your team across Europe in supreme luxury our fleet of Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover Vogue, Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls-Royce Phantom will have their engines ready in all European cities where games are played.

Qualifying will start in March 2019 and it will largely follow the same format – 20 teams will qualify automatically from 10 groups. The first match kicks off on the 12th of June in Rome and from there the tournament goes as far as St Petersburg to Dublin.

If you are in the UK, and are planning to see one of the seven matches to be played at Wembley, let us co-ordinate all your transfer needs. From parties of 2 to 2,000 iChauffeur guarantee you ultimate service perfection.

Match Venues

Rome | Baku | Copenhagen | St Petersburg | Amsterdam | Bucharest

London | Glasgow | Bilbao | Dublin | Budapest | Munich

Match Schedules

Friday 12 June
Group A match (Rome), 21:00CET

Saturday 13 June
Group A match (Baku)
Group B match (Copenhagen)
Group B match (St Petersburg)

Sunday 14 June
Group C match (Amsterdam)
Group C match (Bucharest)
Group D match (London)

Monday 15 June
Group D match (Glasgow)
Group E match (Bilbao)
Group E match (Dublin)

Tuesday 16 June
Group F match (Budapest)
Group F match (Munich)
Group A match (Rome)

Wednesday 17 June
Group A match (Rome)
Group A match (Baku)
Group B match (St Petersburg)

Thiursday 18 June
Group B match (Copenhagen)
Group C match (Amsterdam)
Group C match (Bucharest)

Friday 19 June
Group D match (London)
Group D match (Glasgow)
Group E match (Dublin)

Saturday 20 June
Group E match (Bilbao)
Group F match (Budapest)
Group F match (Munich)

Sunday 21 June
Group A match (Rome)
Group A match (Baku)

Monday 22 June
Group B match (Copenhagen)
Group B match (St Petersburg)
Group C match (Amsterdam)
Group C match (Bucharest)

Tuesday 23 June
Group D match (London)
Group D match (Glasgow)

Wednesday 24 June
Group E match (Bilbao)
Group E match (Dublin)
Group F match (Budapest)
Group F match (Munich)

Round of 16

Saturday 27 June
1: 1A v 2C (London)
2: 2A v 2B (Amsterdam)

Sunday 28 June
3: 1B v 3A/D/E/F (Bilbao)
4: C v 3D/E/F (Budapest)

Monday 29 June
5: 2D v 2E (Copenhagen)
6: 1F v 3A/B/C (Bucharest)

Tuesday 30 June
7: 1E v 3A/B/C/D (Glasgow)
8: 1D v 2F (Dublin)


Friday 3 July
QF1: Winner 5 v Winner 6 (Saint Petersburg) 18:00CET
QF2: Winner 3 v Winner 1 (Munich) 21:00CET

Saturday 4 July
QF3: Winner 4 v Winner 2 (Baku) 18:00CET
QF4: Winner 7 v Winner 8 (Rome) 21:00CET


Tuesday 7 July
SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (London) 21:00CET

Wednesday 8 July
SF2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (London) 21:00CET


Sunday 12 July
Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (London) 21:00CET

Our team of event specialists can organise VIP chauffeur-driven airport transfers, all day wait & return services and larger group movements for spectators and official sponsors of the UEFA Euro 2020. For further information (for all the European venues) email or call our head office team on +44 (0) 208 400 4829 where we will be available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Cricket World Cup Chauffeur 2019

This year England and Wales are the hosts of the 12th Cricket world cup which sees 10 international teams compete in round robin and knockout one day competitions to win the prestigious Cricket World Cup.

From Chester le Street, Headingley and Old Trafford in the North of England through to Taunton and the Rose Bowl in the South, whatever ground you want to visit, iChauffeur can take care of you.

Our Team is available 24/7 to manage your travel itinerary and we can assist with chauffeur driven airport and rail transfers to all the venues, as well as minivans and coaches.

For those fans travelling from afar we have iChauffeur chauffeurs and vehicles ready to pick you up and transport you to your hotel no matter which airport you are travelling into.

For those of you travelling to the match with friends, why not try the Mercedes V-Class that can take up to 7 passengers in style and comfort, or arrive in ultimate style in our S-Class Mercedes, Bentley Mulsanne or our Rolls Royce Phantom Series II.

Whatever team you are supporting let iChauffeur take you to watch them in the calm and tranquillity of an iChauffeur car. If you are fortunate enough to experience corporate hospitality within the elite of world cricket – let our event managers organise the logistics for your corporate day out. We can also provide onsite coordinators, hostesses and a meet & greet service for your VIP’s.

The eagerly anticipated opening match sees the hosts England take on their rivals South Africa on May 30th at the Oval the home of England’s first ever international cricket match in 1868.

There are total of 48 matches in store before the Final on the 14th July at Lords and we are offering luxurious chauffeur services in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, Taunton, Southampton, Birmingham and Leeds.

Participating countries:

South Africa
Sri Lanka
New Zealand
West Indies

Match Venues

Lords, London
The Oval, London
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Old Trafford, Manchester
Cardiff Wales Stadium, Cardiff
Bristol County Ground, Bristol
Count Ground, Taunton
Aegis Bowl, Southampton
Edgebaston, Birmingham
Headingley, Leeds
Emirates Riverside, Chester – le -Street

Match Fixtures


30th – England v South Africa, The Oval (10:30 BST)

31st – West Indies v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)


1st – New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)

1st – Afghanistan v Australia, Bristol (d/n) (13:30 BST)

2nd – South Africa v Bangladesh, The Oval (10:30 BST)

3rd – England v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

4th – Afghanistan v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)

5th – South Africa v India, Southampton (10:30 BST)

5th – Bangladesh v New Zealand, The Oval (d/n) (13:30 BST)

6th – Australia v West Indies, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

7th – Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)

8th – England v Bangladesh, Cardiff (10:30 BST)

8th – Afghanistan v New Zealand, Taunton (d/n) (13:30 BST)

9th – India v Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)

10th – South Africa v West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)

11th – Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)

12th – Australia v Pakistan, Taunton (10:30 BST)

13th – India v New Zealand, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

14th – England v West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)

15th – Sri Lanka v Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)

15th – South Africa v Afghanistan, Cardiff (d/n) (13:30 BST)

16th – India v Pakistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

17th – West Indies v Bangladesh, Taunton (10:30 BST)

18th – England v Afghanistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

19th – New Zealand v South Africa, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

20th – Australia v Bangladesh, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)

21st – England v Sri Lanka, Headingley (10:30 BST)

22nd – India v Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)

22nd – West Indies v New Zealand, Old Trafford (d/n) (13:30 BST)

23rd – Pakistan v South Africa, Lord’s (10:30 BST)

24th – Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)

25th – England v Australia, Lord’s (10:30 BST)

26th – New Zealand v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

27th – West Indies v India, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

28th – Sri Lanka v South Africa, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)

29th – Pakistan v Afghanistan, Headingley (10:30 BST)

29th – New Zealand v Australia, Lord’s (d/n) (13:30 BST)

30th – England v India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)


1st – Sri Lanka v West Indies, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)

2nd – Bangladesh v India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)

3rd – England v New Zealand, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)

4th – Afghanistan v West Indies, Headingley (10:30 BST)

5th – Pakistan v Bangladesh, Lord’s (d/n) (13:30 BST)

6th – Sri Lanka v India, Headingley (10:30 BST)

6th – Australia v South Africa, Old Trafford (d/n) (13:30 BST)


9th – First semi-final: 1st v 4th, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)

11th – Second semi-final: 2nd v 3rd, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)


14th – Final, Lord’s (10:30 BST)

For more info –

If you would like a quotation for your chauffeur-driven vehicle, or should choose to book for The Cricket World Cup, please call us directly on +44 (0) 208 400 4829 or email us here: and we will be happy to help. We look forward to serving you at this exciting event.

Gold for iChauffeur at Professional Driver QSi Awards

iChauffeur wins prestigious Gold for the second year running at the QSi awards, in the UK’s only national awards for the private hire, taxi and chauffeur sector.


Hampton-based iChauffeur has won the Gold Award for Chauffeur company of the Year at the prestigious Professional Driver QSi Awards, repeating its Gold success of 2017 in the same category.

Professional Driver Editor Mark Bursa said: “IChauffeur is a truly exceptional operator. For the second year running, it is the best medium-sized chauffeur firm in the UK. iChauffeur, founded in 2005, is meticulous about driver recruitment and training and has a mentoring scheme to help new drivers get used to the company’s way of working.”

“iChauffeur’s highly innovative approach includes a customer charter, development of its own app, and putting together a network of international partners to allow customers travelling abroad to have a seamless, vetted travel experience.”

Professional Driver magazine’s QSi Awards ceremony was a night to remember for the cream of Britain’s chauffeur and private hire operators. The awards, open to every chauffeur and private hire company in the UK, are designed to recognise operators and individuals that demonstrate excellent standards of Quality, Service and Innovation.

Mark Bursa said: “The chauffeur and private hire industry has weathered the worst of the economy over the past few years, while making giant leaps forward in quality and professionalism. Our QSi Awards are designed to reward that excellence, and bring the industry together for a night in a celebration of all that’s good about this business.”

Mark Bursa continued: “We were overwhelmed by the quality of the entries, and it was a very tough job to pick our winners. Only very good operators made the short list, so we can be sure our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners are among the very best operators in Britain.”

iChauffeur founder Will Senior said: “We are all absolutely delighted to win Gold for the second year running. I founded iChauffeur with my late Father Andy Senior in 2005 and he would have been so proud of our achievement. Our focus has always been on being the best, and putting the right team together in order to achieve that.”

Professional Driver magazine is the only national publication for the UK’s chauffeur and private hire industry. It is published monthly and is available free of charge to any licensed operator in the UK. For more details, visit

Wimbledon Chauffeur 2018

Monday 2nd July to Sunday 15th July 2018


Wimbledon is seen by many as the home of tennis and is considered ‘the tournament’ that tennis players most want to win. Whether you are taking Clients, or just treating yourself and your partner to one of the summers most quintessential English events, iChauffeur can ensure you arrive on time and in style. The first days play starts on the 2nd of July and will see the world’s best tennis players compete at the All England Club for the 3rd Grand Slam of the year.

Voted the UK’s best chauffeur company 2017, iChauffeur have chauffeur-driven VIP’s, large corporations, private families, industry leaders, sports personalities and celebrities to Wimbledon for the last 15 years. No stopping or parking is permitted in any of the roads around the All England Club during the Championships which is where our chauffeur’s expertise can help.

The Wimbledon tournament is as prestigious and bespoke as our chauffeur driven cars. When it comes to excellence, luxury and professionalism, iChauffeur’s professional chauffeurs can get you to Wimbledon with ease, and ensure an unforgettable experience.


For larger groups and corporate events iChauffeur can provide you with the very best solutions for luxury chauffeur-driven car hire to the Wimbledon Championships. Why not start off your journey with an ice cold Pimms or glass of champagne – our beautiful 9 or 12 seater chauffeur driven minibuses are all equipped with wine and champagne fridges allowing you to travel to the tournament in style and comfort with your friends or Clients.

For smaller groups the Mercedes V-Class can take up to 7 passengers and the Range Rover Autobiography or Vogue can comfortably seat 3-4 people.

If you are travelling with your partner try the luxury Mercedes S-Class – the absolute standard in luxury sedans. Whatever vehicle you choose your chauffeur will ensure that you arrive and leave on time, everytime.


Wimbledon Packages



Mercedes S or V class – picking up from Central London and taking you the All England Club. Your chauffeur will park nearby allowing you to leave any valuables in the car and when you are ready to leave simply give him a call. Price for a 8 hour hire £440.00 + vat.


Range Rover Vogue – picking up from Central London and taking you the All England Club. Your iChauffeur chauffeur will park nearby allowing you to leave any valuables in the car and when you are ready to leave simply give him a call. Price for a 8 hour hire £520.00 + vat.


Bentley Musanne Speed or the Rolls-Royce Phantom – For those of you wanting the ultimate experience why not try the Bentley Musanne Speed or the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II – picking up from Central London and taking you the All England Club. Your iChauffeur chauffeur will park nearby allowing you to leave any valuables in the car and when you are ready to leave simply give him a call. Price for a 8 hour hire £1080.00 + vat.


Wimbledon Tennis Address

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

Church Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE

Royal Ascot Chauffeur 2018

Royal Ascot 2018

Royal Ascot 2018 – Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd June 

Gates open at 10.30am, with the first race at 2.30pm.


Royal Ascot is one of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events attracting some of the finest racehorses hoping to win the incredible prize of £7.3m. Taking place six miles away from Windsor Castle, in the scenic town of Ascot, the five day event takes place during the start of summer with six world-class races each day.

Often Her Majesty The Queen will come to observe Ascot in all it’s splendor. Five days of the rich and famous coming together with sharp suits and splendid hats, more breathtakingly intricate than each other, to enjoy some of England’s classic horse racing, all unmistakably befitting of the Royal Meeting.


Chauffeur Driven Packages for Royal Ascot

For fifteen years iChauffeur have provided a superb array of luxury vehicles for racegoers offering them the very best in chauffeur-driven transport. From the classic elegance of the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne, to the luxury MPV’s and Mini Coaches, iChauffeur provide transportation to suit everyone’s requirements. Although we do offer single journeys to the Royal Meeting, traditionally your vehicle will stay in the designated car park for the day, allowing you to leave your possesions in the vehicle, as well as offering you immediate access to your chauffeur vehicle when you are ready to depart from your enclosure. iChauffeur’s most popular vehicle’s for Ascot groups are the Mercedes V-Class and the Luxury Minibuses. Car Park places can be purchased online, in advance.

If you are planning event transportation for a large group of people – Last year, extra horsepower was needed for Royal Ascot where we supplied: Five Mercedes S-Class, eight Mercedes V-Class and 15 luxury mini coaches which carried 340 VIPs to the premier event in the racing calendar.


Fine Dining, Hospitality Packages and Private Boxes at Royal Ascot

There are four private enclosures to choose from including The Royal Enclosure, The Queen Anne Enclosure and The Village Enclosure. Each offering racegoers private vantage points and unsurpassed views of the Royal Procession and Parade Ring. There are twelve restaurant packages, private boxes or even your own exclusive space to select from. With Michelin-Starred chefs such as Raymond Blanc OBE and Phil Howard offering fine dining à la carte menus, guests can tailor their very own Royal Meeting experience to suit their taste.


Dress Code

A key feature of the Royal Ascot are the outfits on display. All attendees are encouraged to wear elegant clothes, and those in the prominent audience areas of the Grandstand or Royal Enclosure, have to adhere to a strict dress code which has been upheld for over 200 years. The fashion of Royal Ascot is commented on across British media, and for some this is just as important as the race itself. Royal Ascot is synonymous with sartorial elegance. As well as the wide range of fashion on display, Royal Ascot is, of course, the horse racing itself. Winners will receive a share of considerable prize money, with a total of over 10 million being able to be won by the racers on the day.

Royal Procession

During the day itself, another highlight is the royal procession, arriving on horse­drawn carriages to the racecourse from Windsor Castle itself. After a parade around the racecourse, members of the Royal family, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, will enter the Royal Box along with other distinguished guests.

This year could be another year in which history takes place. Royal Ascot 2018 takes place between Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd June 2018. It is important to get your tickets early, and to plan your outfit to be a part of the fine tradition of Royal Ascot. Our chauffeurs and office team don’t just assist with travel, but can also help you plan your day and procure the right tickets for you and your family, allowing you to sit back and arrive in style at the most Royal event of the racing calendar.

Royal Ascot Address

Ascot Racecourse, High St, Ascot SL5 7JX


How is iChauffeur Preparing for the GDPR?


GDPR – what is it?

On May 25, 2018 the European Union (EU) next generation of data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to come into effect. GDPR will replace the 1995 European Union Data Protection Directive and aims to strengthen the security and protection of personal data. iChauffeur values data security and privacy and is preparing to meet this deadline.

Who is impacted by GDPR?

The GDPR applies to organisations headquartered within the EU and organisations headquartered outside the EU that offer goods and services to EU businesses.

How is iChauffeur Preparing for the GDPR?

iChauffeur is committed to being prepared ahead of the May 25 2018 compliance date in order to best support our client base and our network of suppliers and affiliate partners. This includes a company-wide initiative to ensure we are ready to satisfy our own GDPR requirements, as well as those of our clients and suppliers.

Brief highlights of what the initiative includes are set out below:

 Updated privacy policy in place
 Update of supplier terms and agreements to ensure any processors or sub-processors will be GDPR compliant
 Marketing exercise ensuring GDPR compliance for all customers and prospect data including the ability for contacts to action those rights incorporated in GDPR
 Employee training in GDPR
 Updated Data Protection Policy reflecting GDPR
 Creation of a data register, outlining personal data iChauffeur holds and where
iChauffeur is confident in our ability to adjust to GDPR standards and to help our community of customers and suppliers to do the same.


Why have you emailed me about GDPR?

Because we hold your details on our database in respect of marketing communications purposes, we now legally need to obtain your consent to continue to process that information and communicate with you about our services.

Why do you need my consent?

Without your consent we can no longer send you marketing communications which you might find of interest.

What happens if I don’t consent?

Your contact details will be held in our system in a suppression list to ensure that you do not receive any further communications. You have a statutory right to be forgotten and we will completely remove your details from our database upon request.

How long do you keep my details for?

If you grant us consent, we will keep your details whilst our service is still relevant and whilst you wish to continue to receive our marketing communications. You can withdraw your consent at any time by using the unsubscribe link in any of our communications.

What if I later want to withdraw consent?

You can withdraw consent at any time by using the unsubscribe link in any of our communications or by contacting us at

Chauffeurs For The Cheltenham Festival 2018

Day 1 – This year Cheltenham Festival starts on the 13th March with Champion Day with the headline race being the highly contested and prestigious Champion Hurdle.


Day 2 – is for the Ladies and as well as a day of exciting racing featuring the Queen Mother Championship Chase – also on offer are honours for the best dressed ladies.  Avoid the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the train and let us transport you to the races in ultimate luxury in one of our exclusive chauffeured limousines.


Day 3 – is a celebration of St Patrick’s day and all things Irish will be featured on the day, ranging from pints of Guinness, to Irish music being piped around the ground.

Day 4 – The closing day of the festival is when we see jockeys compete for one of the most prized races in the racing calendar – the Cheltenham Gold cup which attracts the most experienced jockeys from around the world.

This year we are offering a 12 hour wait and return service from London to Cheltenham starting from £695.00 for the beautiful S-Class and V-Class Mercedes and £995.00 in the luxurious Range Rover Autobiography – and for those of you really trying to impress we can offer a 12 hour package in the Bentley Mulsanne Speed or Rolls Royce Phantom (Series II) for £1,795.00.


*Prices based on a pick up from London (Within the M25) wait and return.


13th March- Champion Day

14th March – Ladies Day

15th March – St Patrick’s Thursday

16th March – Gold Cup Day