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iChauffeur are your chauffeur for all airport travel. We are a private jet transfer specialist. Providing luxury transfers to and from all private jet terminals (FBO) in London and the UK.

Private jet procedures

Whether travelling for business or leisure, every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated, confirmed, and delivered by your handler. iChauffeur will liaise with your chosen private jet centre for seamless travel, wherever your journey takes you.

The procedures for the majority of private air terminals are similar throughout the world, and just as with commercial air travel, your iChauffeur chauffeur will monitor your flight, either using one of the many flight tracking apps like Flight Aware, or by simply contacting your aviation provider and quoting your booking name or the flight number.

The advantages of private jet travel

Travelling causes a certain level anxiety in most of us but with a private jet you get to travel exclusively on your terms.

With private jet travel becoming increasingly accessible, we thought it would be useful to point out some of the major advantages should you choose to charter a flight


According to analysis by GlobeAir AG, a leading European very light jet (VLJ) operator – “Private jet travel provides a safer way to fly by reducing the passengers’ exposure to health and security risks. Passengers flying via a commercial airline go through 700 touchpoints on every flight, whereas private jet travelers only encounter 20 touchpoints.”

This means the potential risk for contagion is 30 times lower in private aviation than commercial travel.

As with our chauffeur cars, the less passengers there are in an enclosed space, the less exposure there is. Health risks are minimised in private terminals and jets – as passengers and their crew interact with fewer people.

Time is Money

A key benefit for taking private jets is time saved. With increased security and health checks, many airlines are recommending a 3-4 hour check in window for long haul flights, and 2-3 hour check in for short haul commercial flights.

Flying with your own pilot means you can check in as late as 30 minutes prior to your flight departing, wherever your destination.

No more queuing, or struggling with heavy suitcases

Flying by private jet means that the moment you enter your dedicated terminal, your cases are whisked away. You are then offered refreshments as you confirm your reservation with your personal flight manager.

Arrive in Style

Private jet with chauffeur vehicle on the runway

One of the advantages of private jet travel is that you can clear customs and immigration whilst on board.

Prior to take off, and once your aircraft has landed, customs and excise will then come on board and clear you for immigration.

Whilst you are busy with the officers your luggage is being seamlessly loaded and then given to your iChauffeur chauffeur who will be parked on the tarmac close to your jet.

For those of you that want to freshen up before you go onto your next destination – your chauffeur will drive you to the arrivals terminal where you can grab a shower in the dedicated arrivals suites.

As soon as you are ready to leave, your chauffeur will be waiting for you (passenger door ready and open) for you to start the next leg of your journey.

Space on board

Depending on what aircraft you charter and the number of you travelling, chances are that you will have significantly more space, even compared to the most luxurious first class suite. 

Create your own menu

Additionally you will be served refreshments and meals that you have chosen prior to your flight, probably when you initially booked the charter. Table service in larger cabin jets is every bit as attentive and satisfying as a fine dining restaurant.

 Private jets are stocked with a wide assortment of popular beverages and carefully curated snacks. No more chicken or beef – try starting with some delicious oysters followed by a wagyu steak, cooked exactly to your requirements.

Stay connected with WiFi available on board and enjoy high-definition in-flight TV, movies, and news features.

Do not disturb

Flying by luxury jet provides complete privacy from take-off to touchdown.

Whether you prefer to play your favourite music, crack open a bottle of your champagne, you’re free to do as you please.

Flying private, with spacious, walkable cabins allows your party to work, play or both – You’re in control.

The whole family is welcome

Private jet with dog on runway

For those of you wanting to travel with your pets they can fly in the cabin with you (subject to arrival destination regulations) which is great for nervous animals (and owners) as it means you can check on the well being of your pet throughout the flight – and vice versa!

It is important that animals be restrained during take-off, landing, and during turbulence. Pet carriers for cats are recommend and dogs may also be carried in the cabin provided that the cabin is large enough to accommodate the particular size of the dog.

Emergency and medical supplies

Flight crews receive comprehensive training in the use of emergency medical supplies that are always on board. These supplies may include: Life-saving medical kits, emergency oxygen, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

5-star service in the sky

Whether you’re chartering a large jet for a business trip with colleagues or a small jet for a romantic island getaway, professional flight crews and attendants provide impeccable service during your flight. 

Chauffeured vehicles for your private jet transfer

The Mercedes V-Class is one of the most requested vehicles for private jet transfers, and very often Client’s will choose a V-Class for their luggage and staff and book another chauffeur car for themselves. This super spacious vehicle, can take up to 10 suitcases and comfortably seat 7 passengers, perfect for families taking a holiday abroad.

For those Clients travelling light the Mercedes S-Class is no stranger to private airfields across the world, the S-Class sets the standard for luxury sedan travel globally.

If you want a bit more luggage space the Range Rover Autobiography is a perfect fit with outstanding 4×4 capabilities and sumptuous spacious interior.

Finally we can offer you the super luxury. The Bentley Mulsanne or the Rolls-Royce Phantom, both vehicles offer the best in absolute luxury and panache.


*Based on a journey (to or from) Central London in a S-Class or V-Class Mercedes-Benz.

*Please add VAT @ 20%

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