Introducing the BMW i7

The ultimate driving machine is arguably the ultimate chauffeur machine.
Dubbed a “cinema on wheels” the all-electric i7 offers innovation with every turn of the wheel.
BMW i7 chauffeur car side view in front of Coworth Park hotel in Ascot

The most technologically advanced BMW ever made

The i7 is a full-electric (EV), four wheel drive, twin motored beast. With 544 horsepower you may be thinking that this is a pure drivers car, which it is, but the real excitement happens on the back seats.

Open the automatic doors with a simple touch and jump in the back. You are rewarded with lots of legroom and lovely comfy pillowed head rests. With touch pads in both rear doors you can instigate “Theatre Mode”. The blinds will close and a 31 inch massive ultra widescreen 8K screen with 5G internet connectivity will float down from the ceiling in time to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack. With Amazon Fire TV built in you can binge watch your favourite series while on the move. The screen also makes it feel like you have a partition between passengers and the chauffeur.

With a 40-speaker Bowers & Wilkins surround-sound system with shakers in the seatbacks for the full cinematic experience.

The reclining rear seats offer a massage function. The near side rear seat can convert into a lounger. When unoccupied, the front seat will move all the way forward. Which allows the rear seat to recline and for the lucky passenger to stretch out in style.

“If you’re wondering why we’re focusing on the environment for rear passengers, well it’s because the i7 is, like the petrol plug-in hybrid BMW 7 Series, a luxury limo designed primarily as a chauffeur vehicle.”

Steve Huntingford | What Car?

High Voltage

Electric Performance

BMW claim a range of 387 miles from the huge 102kWh battery. It can charge at up to 20 kilowatts meaning you can add 112 miles of range in about 10 minutes.

One of the most impressive aspects of the car is its lack of road noise. It is a very quiet vehicle. You feel like you are travelling slower than you actually are. The air suspension helps keep the car very smooth even on the roughest of roads. The four wheel steering allows the car to be incredibly nimble at slow speeds.

With 500 litres of boot space the i7 can accommodate 2 large suitcases making it suitable for luxury airport transfers.

Sublime comfort

All in, the i7 will appeal both to passengers and chauffeurs in equal measure. Sublime comfort, and with the state of the art in technology this is the most fabulous way to travel.

“The seats are some of the softest, most cossetting chairs I’ve ever come across in a room that has wheels.”

Ollie Kew | Top Gear

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