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For Henley Royal Regatta, Henley-on-Thames

Henley Royal Regatta Chauffeur Travel

2 - 7 July 2024

Henley Royal Regatta is a highlight of both the summer sporting calendar and the social season. Since 2005 we have provided luxury chauffeur-driven travel to and from the Regatta. Our award-winning service provides convenient by the hour chauffeur hire pricing (as directed hire) and is the most splendid way of enjoying the event.

Each year we look after corporate hospitality events at Henley totalling 200 people each day. We supply 2 super-luxury executive coaches and 15 Luxury VIP mini-coaches from London to Henley each day for the Regatta.

Our chauffeurs are hand-picked to drive you in considerable safety, comfort and style. They drive the world’s finest chauffeur-driven vehicles.

The "Royal" regatta

The Henley Regatta became “Royal” in 1851 with HRH Prince Albert’s royal patronage. The head-to-head races take place at Henley Reach, a mile long naturally straight stretch of the river Thames. Only two boats compete in each race.

For five days from Wednesday to Sunday over the first weekend in August, Henley is the focus of the English social season. The regatta maintains traditional dress codes within reserved enclosures.

Henley Royal Regatta follows ‘Glorious’ Goodwood and Cowes Week in the social calendar.

“Rowing is perhaps the toughest of sports. Once the race starts, there are no timeouts, no substitutions. It calls upon the limits of human endurance. The coach must therefor impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from the mind, heart, and body.”

George Pocock

Regatta Headquarters address & Postcode

Henley Royal Regatta
Regatta Headquarters

“No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson