What to expect from your chauffeur

Learn how our chauffeurs go above and beyond the norm, and how they always go the extra mile.
What can you expect from your iChauffeur chauffeur?
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From your first interaction with our friendly support team to completing your first journey you will know you’ve chosen the best chauffeur service. Our chauffeurs are all experienced licensed professionals. Personally vetted and hand-picked to chauffeur you safely and in great style. All are CRB checked and medically fit to drive professionally.

A helping hand

Your chauffeur will assist you as you enter and exit the vehicle. Opening passenger doors and offering a helping hand in case it is needed.

You won’t need to worry about your luggage. Your chauffeur will carry all bags and carefully pack and unpack the boot with your possessions. After every journey they will always do a sweep for lost property such as mobile phones or spectacles.

An expert driver

Your chauffeur will be an expert driver. Smooth as silk, calm and unflappable. By anticipating the road ahead, the chauffeur will waft you comfortably to the end of your journey. It goes without saying that the chauffeur will abide by the relevant traffic laws and road regulations.

With great topographic skills, your chauffeur will not need to rely solely on satellite navigation. They also have good ‘local knowledge’ and can advise on restaurants for example and where to get a good coffee.


Your chauffeur will meticulously plan the route prior to the journey. Prior preparation is essential for a smooth trip. The chauffeur will recce the route and collection and destination addresses. Using Google Maps/Earth to familiarise themselves with possible parking spots and also to find the right door, for example.


Your chauffeur will be punctual and reliable. They will always arrive at least 15 minutes before the designated collection time. For airport transfers the chauffeur will track your flight and arrive in plenty of time to meet you in arrivals. The chauffeur will do all they can to minimise waiting time, though we do provide one hour’s complimentary waiting time for all airport pickups.


Your chauffeur will be immaculately presented in a smart dark suit, polished shoes and tie. Dressed to impress? Check ✓.

The chauffeur vehicle will likewise be pristine. Polished to perfection and stocked with complimentary water, mints and tissues. The vehicle will be less than 3 years old. Your chauffeur will ensure that the vehicle is well maintained and road legal.

The chauffeur will strive to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Such as adjusting the air-conditioning to your satisfaction.

Customer service

Your chauffeur will have great customer service skills. They will always greet you with a smile. Knowing when to keep quiet and when to talk is an important skill to possess for any chauffeur. For your peace of mind all our chauffeurs sign an NDA and will conduct themselves with complete discretion. They will undertake to keep the passenger informed of any route changes and other relevant information.

Your chauffeur is available to collect or deliver items for clients. During an as-directed hire while waiting the chauffeur could reserve a table at a restaurant or collect dry cleaning.

The support team take the hassle out of booking a chauffeur. They can offer advice on journey times and otherwise help organise your travel arrangements.

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“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

John Ruskin

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