What do chauffeurs do while waiting?

What responsibilities does the chauffeur have while waiting for passengers?
Cleaning chauffeur car

During an as-directed (by the hour) hire the chauffeur often has to wait for passengers while they are in meetings etc. In this waiting time the chauffeur will keep themselves busy with some of the following tasks:

Vehicle maintenance

The chauffeur will attend to the vehicle while waiting. Checking fluid levels and tyre pressures is one of their daily tasks. They will also spend some time cleaning the car. They will particularly take great care of all the ‘touch points’. Sanitising seat belts, door handles, seat controls and anything else likely to be touched by the passengers is a must.

Navigation and Route planning

This is the ideal time for the chauffeur to plan his route to any following destinations. They can check traffic along the route and plan to avoid the worst of any congestion. The chauffeur can recce the route using Google Maps or similar applications. Looking for suitable parking or waiting spaces ahead of time to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Replenish supplies

The chauffeur will take the opportunity to replenish supplies. Replacing used water bottles and tissues if required.

Communicate with the office

While stopped the chauffeur can get in contact with the support team. A chance to keep the team updated with any changes to the original booking. Plus advise the office if the hire looks like it will over-run. This could have a knock on effect to any following bookings. Which gives the team time to reallocate any bookings to an available chauffeur.

Catch up on messages

The chauffeur can spend time catching up with emails and other messages.

At your service

Clients can make good use of the chauffeur during any extended waiting periods. Chauffeurs can get coffee, some shopping, make lunch or dinner reservations, collect tickets, pickup dry cleaning etc. Like a ‘butler on wheels’ they are at the clients complete disposal during the hire period.

Stay alert

The chauffeur is always ready to serve their clients at a moment’s notice. The chauffeur will always watch for the passengers returning to the vehicle. Chauffeurs need to be prepared to open the doors for the passengers at all times. Plus ready to help carry any luggage.

The chauffeur needs to be ‘ready to open’ at all times. This means being prepared for the client to finish early and if not attentively wait for the client. They must be attentive, professional, and ready to provide excellent service in an instant.

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