Chauffeur Terms

Chauffeur Terms & Conditions

Safety is always our number one priority

Under no circumstances should you drive in an unfit condition, under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. Under no circumstances should you speed or drive in a dangerous manner.


It is our belief that personal service, attention to detail and the comfort and safety are the hallmarks of iChauffeur.

The first point of contact our clients have is with our chauffeurs, which is why we are always looking out for those special people that always strive for ultimate professionalism.

Driver Requirements

You must have a valid driving license and PCO drivers license and all necessary documents as required by the PCO.

Dress Code

Dark suit, shirt and tie with smart polished dark shoes.

Vehicle Requirements

Valid PCO Licence and 6 monthly MOT (if required) and the vehicle should be in good roadworthy condition and cleaned before each day’s work and between jobs where necessary.

Water, newspaper, tissues, mints, umbrella, iChauffeur business cards and a pen and paper. (Name-board if necessary).

Any damage on a vehicle should be reported before undertaking any job.

All vehicles under 3 years old.


Dealing with Customers

Courteous and polite – Some customers like to talk and some want to be left alone. This is a fine balance but generally speaking it is best to speak when you are spoken to.
Opening doors – Let the client know that you will open their door before exiting the car and make sure you have not blocked any passenger doors with lampposts or trees etc.
Let the customer know the client know that you have water, newspapers and Wifi for them rather than leaving them in the pockets of the vehicles.
Always advise the client where you are taking them and picking them up from as they may have other ideas about where they are going.
If the customer wishes you to take them somewhere else that is not on your booking form, please call the office beforehand, to get this new journey authorized.
Always adhere to our strict confidentiality agreement. Whatever is said and done inside and outside the vehicle is strictly confidential.
Before any pick up please text the client stating your name, that you are from iChauffeur, and explain where you are.

Driving Standards

The driver will drive at safe and sensible speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.


Please ensure that you have furnished us with your personal and vehicle documents, in accordance with the PCO.

iChauffeur can not offer any work to subcontractors if we do not have all these documents.

If any of these documents have expired, it is your responsibility to keep these documents up to date.

Airport pickups and drop-offs

You will need to monitor the flight number and arrive as instructed on your booking form. Waiting time is charged over 15-minute segments and begins 1 hour after the designated pickup time.
You should always wait at arrivals with an iChauffeur name-board, ideally on an iPad, with the clients name in large print. Please be as prominent and as close as you can to where the customer comes out from the baggage hall.
Please text the client on arrival at the airport stating your name, that you are from iChauffeur, and that you will be waiting in arrivals for them.
On your way to the airport always check which terminal you have on your booking form with the customer.
Please park as close as you can to the entrance of the arrivals hall.
Always offer to help the client with their luggage.


As well as carrying your usual items in the car, you will need to have ribbons on the vehicle – Ribbon colour will be on your confirmation.
Always ring the client a day or two before the wedding to familiarise yourself with them and to run through the details briefly, so that both of you are comfortable before the day.
iChauffeur will never give you unreasonable deadlines for weddings so our policy is that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your pick up and announce yourself on arrival.
If you are late for a wedding and the customer requires a refund, or your duties were not carried out properly for their big day, you will not be paid for that job.
Although we do not have an alcohol license clients may bring champagne with them. Please ensure they use plastic champagne flutes for safety reasons.


iChauffeur pay on a weekly basis however this is paid 4 weeks from receipt of your invoice. The week is based from Monday to Sunday.
iChauffeur receive 35% of the booking price and the subcontractor receives the remaining 65%. In some rare cases, this does vary slightly, but before you accept a booking from us you will be told what the job is worth to you.

Self employed chauffeurs

The week after you have completed your jobs, you will be sent your driver statement listing payments including any extras for each job you have undertaken – You should check this, and payment will be made by bank transfer 14 days after your invoice date.

VAT registered chauffeurs

The week after you have completed your jobs, you will be sent your driver statement listing payments including any extras for each job you have undertaken, which will also include the VAT amount – You should check this, and send back to us your VAT invoice. Payment will be made 14 days after your invoice date. Please do not send in your invoices before you receive your statement.

Timekeeping and punctuality

It is company policy that we arrive 15 minutes before any pickup time.
If you believe that you are going to be late, call the office at least 30 minutes beforehand so that we can warn the client, or find another vehicle for them if we can.
Please be as accurate as you can be when estimating arrival times – If you are late, honesty is the best policy.


How bookings are received:

iChauffeur operators will email, text or call you to see if you are available for a job.
iChauffeur operators will email you that job.
Chauffeur should email back to confirm he has received that job.
After the job, chauffeur to email operator with any additional extras such as parking or waiting, along with any notes from that job. e.g. – customer likes to go a certain way.
iChauffeur must receive any extras no later than 24 hours after the job is completed by email.
Please be accurate with waiting time.
Bookings must be taken through the office, so if a customer wishes to book another journey, please give them the office details.
It is the Chauffeur’s responsibility to check addresses on his booking form as well as flight numbers, and to make sure that he has prepared his journeys in advance.

Contact Details

iChauffeur Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8400 4829
137 Station Road, Hampton TW12 2AL

PCO Operator Licence No – 04080/01/03
Company Registration No – 5573981
Vat No – 868558460