More than a Luxury Taxi service

Some might call iChauffeur a ‘luxury taxi’ service. We certainly do offer a luxurious service, but we do not provide luxury taxis.

Strictly speaking, iChauffeur are a Transport for London (TfL) Licensed Operator of Private Hire Vehicles (PHV). Taxis are defined as cars available for immediate hire which can be hailed on the street, while PHVs must be booked.

Our vehicles do not have an amber light showing they are for hire. Nor do they have a taximeter fitted. You will not see our vehicles queuing in taxi ranks. Nor see them covered in decals, advertising or other livery.

Exceeding expectations

But if your definition of ‘luxury taxi’ is a luxurious car for private hire, then we may indeed exceed your expectations.

For a start, you won’t get a driver, you’ll hire a chauffeur. A concierge on wheels. A motorised butler to cater for your every whim. Someone to open your doors, carry your luggage, hold your umbrella, charge your phone.

In fact with iChauffeur you won’t just get a chauffeur, you’ll get a great chauffeur. Someone who goes the extra mile.

Luxury guaranteed

If it’s luxury you are after, look no further than our chauffeur-driven vehicles. We have the most luxurious vehicles on the planet. Ranging from silky smooth Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class luxury sedans.

Or for an elevated experience choose the Range Rover Autobiography. For super-luxury choose Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Or for larger groups, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class will carry up to 7 in comfort and style.

So, iChauffeur is not a luxury taxi service, it is much more than that. A world-class, award-winning chauffeur company. With an experienced and helpful booking team to help you plan your travel.

As well as offering advice on journey times, or to explain how the meet and greet works. And keep you informed through every stage of the booking process. They will also allocate your personal chauffeur. Someone ideally suited to the requirements of your journey.


More than an app

We believe that there is a superior and safer alternative to taxi or ride-hailing rides. Bespoke travel can’t yet be done on an app. Life can be messy. It doesn’t follow a script. Personal attention to journey specifics is crucial to our clients. Especially during the pandemic.

Safety is very much in the details of the essential social distancing and sanitisation protocols. Which are are only as effective as the human-being carrying them out. Do you expect your taxi driver to spend 15 minutes before and after every journey sanitising their vehicle’s touch points? Expect your iChauffeur chauffeur to do just that.

More than a luxury taxi

Some might say that iChauffeur is a luxury taxi service. We would never say that. Don’t call us a luxury taxi, just contact us.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Spirit of Ecstasy

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