Chauffeur-driven Range Rover Autobiography Hire

iChauffeur today celebrated the arrival of the new Extended Wheelbase Range Rover Autobiography. The Autobiography, which now forms part of the iChauffeur super-luxury fleet, joins our existing Range Rover Vogue model from Land Rover. This rather rare chauffeur addition is now available to book.

Range Rover chauffeur car in park

Long wheelbase forges customer loyalty and appeal
The Range Rover Autobiography is the first Range Rover long wheelbase in 20 years and is Land Rover’s most luxurious vehicle yet. “This is the first Range Rover long wheelbase since the Range Rover LSE which ran from 1992 to 1994.” This new extended wheelbase model will cater for a growing number of clients looking for the ultimate in chauffeur-driven comfort, and offers an alternative to the other long wheelbase cars on our fleet.
Autobiography Range Rover luxury interior

Interior Space

Stretch out in style

The Autobiography has increased the rear passenger legroom by 186mm, with the new executive seating package, to provide even more living space. The plush interior has been crafted and tailored to match it’s chauffeur rivals with some subtle but distinctive detailing. “The long wheelbase is equipped with powered side door blinds and a panoramic sunroof as standard, as well as increased stowage. Range Rover long wheelbase models will carry a distinctive ‘L’ badge mounted into the exterior accents behind each front wheel arch.”

Interior of Range Rover Autobiography

There is a wine chiller compartment between the two front seats providing additional space for glasses and the beautiful leather seating is complemented with a rear seat massage function and powered seat recline.
Let’s shoot to celebrate
A few days ago, on the whisper-quiet streets of Mayfair just after sunrise, we had the pleasure of working alongside a superb creative team where we took some still’s and video of this awesome addition to our fleet. We would like to thank Debbie Wambergue and Ben Brown for their creative input and also to the Camera crew, Alex Lloyd and Chris Seager. Also a huge thanks to Cat Berkmann, Mike Frye, Gary Mansfield, Andy Lawton and Jerry Weaver and our models Cassandra Bell and Maksims Visnakovs.
Filming in London with Range Rover in background
For more information please contact Will Senior:
Our account handlers will help you through the entire process of booking the Range Rover Autobiography. Call us today on 020 8400 4829 or complete the simple form.

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