iCHAUFFEUR a Winner in the Mirror

In an article in today’s Daily Mirror, cleaner Hilma Daley was given the chance to live life like a film star or even a film director. iChauffeur were asked to treat her in the style of Michael Winner and supplied a luxury Bentley Chauffeur Car to make her feel like a Princess. She seemed to enjoy the experience. “Sinking back into the cream leather seats as Pretty Woman plays on the car telly, Hilma coos:”

I do feel really special – like a film star.

—Hilma Daily – The Daily Mirror

Hilma was driven around to some of London’s finest restaurants and shopping boutiques in the iChauffeur Bentley, and enjoyed the experience but with a couple of reservations: “Of course I would love to travel to work in one of these every day but I love public transport because you get to meet so many people.”

If you would like to be treated like a film star, call or contact iChauffeur and ask about hiring a luxury chauffeur driven car.

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