Concours of Elegance Chauffeur

Hampton Court Palace

Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace

1-3 September 2023

For three days only, the gardens at Hampton Court Palace will be home to over 300 of the finest and rarest motor cars ever to be seen. From 1896 motoring pioneers to present day supercars. Many cars will never have been seen before in the UK. iChauffeur, your Concours of Elegance Chauffeur, offers luxury chauffeur car hire to this esteemed motoring show. See these fabulous cars in chauffeur-driven style.

“As a life-long car enthusiast, I’m always particularly enthralled by the hugely impressive collection of historic motor cars that arrive from around the globe to star at our Concours. I especially enjoy meeting all the Owners and hearing about their car’s story.”


An exclusive motoring event

The Concours of Elegance began at Windsor Castle in 2012, before moving to St James’s Palace in 2013, Hampton Court Palace in 2014, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh in 2015 before returning to Windsor Castle in 2016 and Hampton Court Palace in 2017.

The exclusive Concours of Elegance hospitality enclosure is on the East front lawn of the Palace. A stunning marquee and garden, incorporating a private lounge area, provides guests with a perfect view of the cars. Visit the Official Site for more information and tickets.

Travel to the Concours of Elegance

Contact us to learn more about chauffeur-driven travel to this year’s Concours of Elegance. Our award-winning chauffeur service is located in Hampton.