Organising Corporate Hospitality & PR Events

Corporate Event
Corporate hospitality and PR events have never been more important for companies – and creating the right event, with the right reach and engagement, can boost your income and brand awareness.
And remember:

  • Strategic planning
  • The right attitude
  • Identify your target audience and think about what you’d like to achieve with the event
  • Choose the right partners to help you
  • Attention to detail
  • Be enthusiastic and creative

There must be an App for that?
Ok, so you need two executive cars, four people carriers and three 16 seater minibuses – How about we just plug it all into a booking application app? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was possible? However with complicated logistical issues you will require some good Ol’ fashioned planning and communication with your chauffeur company. You know where the main venue is, and you know where the group of delegates are going to dinner, and you know that they are all landing at Heathrow airport – And now what? This is where our 10 years of logistical expertise can help. We can help you to sketch a rough itinerary and bit by bit help you to piece it together.
Communication and Engagement
I would recommend getting a few quotes before booking chauffeur vehicles and make sure that any extras such as waiting time, parking and booking charges are included in the quotation. Engagement and communication with your bookers it vital and dealing with one specific person can make your planning so much easier.
Check, check and check again
Itineraries will go back and forth between various partners like a ping pong ball. Ensure that you have the correct format so that when your itinerary is opened on a Mac, PC or phone, everyone involved can read it clearly. It is imperative that on the day of the event your delegates have their chauffeurs contact number and know what vehicle they are getting into. With multiple cars it is very easy for people to bundle into various vehicles without knowing that they are going to the right place.
Last minute Changes
Suddenly you are made aware that your main delegate has taken a different flight! Yes this is annoying but expect these issues to arise as they often do. Your chauffeur company will expect last minute changes, and if they are on point, they will have strategic plans in place for such issues.
After the Event
At this point there is major relief and joy floating around the office but it ain’t over until it’s over. There are invoices, cost centres and extras to be taken care of from various companies that have helped to make your event extra special. This is where a good chauffeur outfit can help you as you should receive crystal clear invoices with everything in the right place. Now you can sit back, relax and start to plan the next one.
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