Corporate Events require Chauffeur-Driven Car Hire in London

Making a good first impression

Do corporate events require having a professional chauffeur-driven car hire in London? Is that even a question? Was Richard Gere required to arrive in a chauffeur-driven in a white stretch limo, standing through the sunroof holding a bouquet of roses to win Julia Roberts over in Pretty Woman? But of course! That’s proof of the effect. Imagine the corporate clout we’d get by doing something similar – perhaps minus the flowers?

‘One seldom gets a second chance to make a good first impression’ as the saying goes. Arriving at a corporate event whilst making use of executive chauffeur-driven car hire, especially in London, places us well in the ‘authority concept’ paradigm.

If being respected is a critical component in our corporate circle, then nothing says we deserve it better than arriving poised and primed with our regular hire chauffeur and his savvy back-office team at our beck and call. Projecting appropriate confidence and self-assurance comes naturally as we alight from the cool interior of an impeccable luxury vehicle while a smartly dressed chauffeur holds the door open for us.

It’s a well-known fact that people make decisions on how they feel about us within 30 seconds of meeting. That’s a terribly small window of opportunity to make a great first impression. Making use of professional chauffeur-driven car hire while in London on business will undoubtedly grant you the best chance of sealing the deal – without saying a word.

Of course, it can’t all be left to a vehicle and its elite chauffeur. The way we treat and deal with our driver will complete the impression we hope to make. Developing a relationship with iChauffeur is akin to having our own bespoke concierge and discretion is their lynchpin. If we’re meeting business partners and need to arrange the ultimate London entertainment experience, a chauffeur-driven hire car in the form of a V-class Mercedes, for example, will transport groups in a manner befitting the impression we wish to create. With our privacy and anonymity assured if needs be, busy professionals that we are, our chauffeur will certainly have our back.

Chauffeur-Driven Car Hire: In London

The Only Way To Travel

Does this sound like you? A business executive is needing to look over last-minute emails or refresh their minds for the lecture or presentation they’re about to deliver. In that case, the only way to do it is to organize chauffeur-driven car hire in order to secure the privacy and quiet space that is needed for sufficient preparation.

Informing the iChauffeur team of what our needs are when we book, ensures our luxury vehicle used will be suitably fitted out with our requirements. There is always complimentary wi-fi, bottled water, and the latest newspapers. If we need to stop for a gift on the way, the chauffeurs know exactly where to get what we need.

Once we’ve experienced the benefits of chauffeur-driven car hire, London business trips can be similarly well-organised for future visits.

High fashion

Business Travel

Just Better

For those of us who err on the side of practical, there are significant advantages to being chauffeur-driven when we’re on business in a city like London. There are no brownie points to be gained for driving ourselves through the labyrinthine London traffic only to arrive feeling stressed and flustered at our event. If we find it at all!

A calm collected demeanour is what we were going for when we booked our flight in first class, after all. Keeping that momentum rolling, chauffeur-driven car hire will be our best chance to arrive with serenity and poise.

More than that, iChauffeur’s drivers are a cut above the rest. We can handpick our driver and the luxury vehicles they’re endorsed to drive from their website profiles. That’s like having a knowledgeable friend meet us as an arranged airport transfer so, our pick-up and boarding experience goes seamlessly. London chauffeur-driven car hire is what will get us exactly where we need to be timeous and hassle-free.

Post-event, our well-appointed chauffeur-driven vehicle will whisk us back through the streets of London either for our return flight or to our hotel booking. What could be sweeter?

iChauffeur’s back office is state-of-the-art and set to make your every wish their command and pleasure. In a matter of minutes, we can be driven to the restaurant of our choice, or to a show, or to any of London’s prime destinations.

We must agree, there is everything to be said for arriving in luxury and leaving in style. The unspoken impression of success and significance is a powerful combination that our business associates and acquaintances won’t forget in a hurry.

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