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Chauffeur Hire Etiquette


“Etiquette for the Chauffeur” is a fascinating journey into the dawn of chauffeuring and the chauffeur car hire business. These rules of chauffeurs were first offered as the “Chauffeur’s Blue Book” in 1906. This is a gem of a book offering such chauffeuring snippets as:

Your master’s fun but your work
Do not forget that though the car is your employer’s hobby, or his sport, it is your business in life, and you are there to see that he gets the proper use and enjoyment of it.”

Times may have changed but the sentiment still remains. You may be driving a mistress rather than a master now. It is probably not fun or a sport for your client. It could of course be a day out shopping or a day at the races, but what still holds true is that this is your business in life as a chauffeur car hire driver.

Chauffeur’s manners

” You may recognise a brother chauffeur on a passing car and consider it the proper thing to wave your hand and shout a greeting at him.
This is exceedingly wrong; a silent nod is all that is permissable.”

Much of the book still applies to the modern chauffeur, such as the section on general conduct:

” Maintain an atittude of reserve about the car – of mystery if you like – with a discreet silence on your part instead of a lot of blustering talk about big-ends, half-time cams and differential pinions.”

Again some of the terms may have changed but remember not to blabber about traction control, satellite navigation or the sound system…

A silent nod

” Skilled drivers make exceedingly good chauffeurs! Always remember, you are not driving for your own fun, but for your passenger’s enjoyment.”

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