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Chauffeur Hire Business


We have explored what is a chauffeur but what does it mean to be a professional chauffeur? Lord Montagu of Beaulieu once wrote “The profession of chauffeurs, linked as it was to the latest technological marvel, carried an air of glamour with it that was absent from other household posts…”. This air of glamour is still present today in that a iChauffeur chauffeur could be driving a top of the range Mercedes Benz S Class or even a breath-taking Bentley Arnage. He or she will also have the privilege of chauffeuring some of the most influential, glamourous and powerful people in the world.

Professional Chauffeuring

Chauffeuring C.E.O’s, M.P’s, Heads of state and other famous people, is an art. It is a blending of driving skills, navigation and personal attention that can not be learnt from a book or by passing an exam. What we have found to be the most important qualification that any chauffeur can posses is a basic desire to please. iChauffeur Chauffeur’s must be able to work in high pressure situations and remain calm, professional and courteous, and be ready to go that extra mile to ensure that their customers are happy.

Professional Drivers

Coupled with the human skills are the driving skills, which are of course paramount to being a good, professional chauffeur. It is a mistake to think that anybody can drive a Bentley or a S-Class Mercedes safely. Driving any high performance vehicle should not be taken lightly, and driving passengers professionally, is a important responsibility. We encourage our drivers to take advanced driving courses and tests. The Bentley driving school run some fantastic courses on driving their cars. From skid pans to handling tracks they can teach even the most experienced chauffeur a new trick or two. This gives the chauffeur a better understanding of how a Bentley will react if taken to it’s limit; which could make all the difference in a life or death situation. Similarly a S600 Mercedes-Benz produces 500BHP, it would be deadly to allow an experienced chauffeur to take charge of such a vehicle without adequate training.

Chauffeuring Qualifications

With no formal qualifications necessary to be a chauffeur we vet prospective drivers using a combination of security checks, driving licences, references and medical examinations to make sure the chauffeur is road legal. Then a trial period will follow where a driver is given challenging tasks and jobs to ensure that he is made of the right stuff to be a professional iChauffeur chauffeur.