The Bentley Mulsanne is now ready for Chauffeur Duty!

iChauffeur are proud to announce the new arrival of the Bentley Mulsanne. The Bentley sits comfortably with it’s new brothers and sisters within the iChauffeur luxury fleet. This Bentley flagship blends a range of striking design features and coach-built elegance. It’s potent styling will fit in very nicely on London’s streets, and although it’s a striking looking chauffeur vehicle it appears somehow low-key and dignified. I promise, no-one seemed to give it a second glance during it’s film shoot in Mayfair.
Bentley Mulsanne Front
Bentley Mulsanne For Film and TV Work
Bentley’s styling team have created a bespoke sumptuous cabin with plenty of rear legroom. The Mulsanne stands at the pinnacle of British luxury motoring, and is going to feature well within Film and TV work, just like it’s rival the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The flowing appearance of the Bentley makes it a stylish car for any movie or a music video.
Bentley Mulsanne filming
Serious Business 
Most business scenario’s that we get involved with usually mean iChauffeur supplying a chauffeur-driven S-class Mercedes to drive Executives and CEO’s to various meetings. However if you want to accentuate your impression the Bentley Mulsanne will raise the bar. The Mulsanne is bespoke and quintessentially British and speaks in it’s own stylish language of elegance.
Client on phone on back seat of Bentley Mulsanne chauffeur car
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