2013, a Rolls-Royce of a year

A Grand Year

Phew. We can’t believe it but all good things have to end at some point. 2012 was a spectacular year for iChauffeur and of course Great Britain. A Royal Diamond Jubilee and a truly spellbinding and historic sporting event focused the world’s attention on our Capital city. Engraving the year and the town firmly into the collective consciousness. Surely 2012 will be on our mind’s greatest hits collection. And of course any reminiscing of Twenty Twelve would not be complete with at least a mention of a certain Mr Bradley Wiggins and his grand victories on the continent and on the streets of London. 2012, a grand year to tell the grand children about.

A great year

Twenty Twelve marked the 7th year for iChauffeur and our best one to date. No, we probably will not cause any stirrings on the financial markets. Our continuing growth is more organic than that. We like to measure our success using a different metric from most businesses. The quality of our customers is what drives us. It is what helps us attract the best chauffeurs in the business. Last year we were fortunate enough to attract some great new clients, some truly outstanding chauffeurs and also some wonderful new people for our office team. This might not be the success that turns our accountant on but nevertheless our turn over and profit are both climbing nicely, thank you. It is the people we have accrued and retained, both clientele and chauffeurs that make us truly thankful and grateful for 2012.

Ten years of Excellence

Ten years ago, a new era began for one Great British motor car manufacturer. A decade that in many ways could be described as their finest. What makes this chapter even more extraordinary is that the manufacturer is Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Rolls-Royce is known all over the world for excellence. Over a century of mastery has meant that for many of us the phrase ‘Rolls-Royce’ could be used as an adjective for anything of the finest quality.

A decade ago one fortunate customer took delivery of the very first re-imagined Rolls-Royce Phantom cars to be crafted at the companies state of the art manufacturing plant in Goodwood. Then, 400 employees helped produce one car per day. Ten years on, and with the help of an additional 1000 employees they make 20 cars daily. Henry Ford would not have lost any sleep over these figures. He would have sure have appreciated the quality and craftsmanship though.

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