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Mercedes Viano Chauffeur Car


Over the past year at iChauffeur we have noticed an increase in the number of bookings for the Mercedes Viano people carrier. With the Viano’s ability to carry 7 passengers one could assume that companies are utilising the best chauffeur MPV on the market to save on transport costs. Rather than booking a few saloon cars businesses are ensuring that executives are sharing vehicles to minimise their annual fees to the chauffeur industry. The Mercedes Viano is generally priced the same as the S-class Mercedes or BMW 7 Series saloon cars, although they are considerably cheaper to purchase, which means that the Viano is now a very good consideration for todays professional chauffeur.


However the stigma still sticks with the Viano, that despite it’s plush quality leather interior and external smooth looks, that it is still a van and a common question from customers is “Well there must be something else that can carry 6-7 passengers?” but the answer is that there is not anything as smart and luxurious in the people carrier market today. Many executives enjoy the inner space of the Viano to work from and also enjoy the privacy of having the chauffeur sitting quite a distance away from them, unlike the classic saloon cars, where the passenger would sit directly behind the chauffeur. The new face lift model boasts a new suspension with a much better ride and the drive system is clean and economical using BlueEFFICIENCY technology. The new look also “emphasises independent character” Mercedes-Benz say.


The Mercedes Viano Vision Pearl Concept has our blood racing here at iChauffeur as it is exactly this type of concept that will bring the MPV market firmly home for the firm. Sleek and personal design and more of a sporty look is exactly what the doctor ordered and would be welcomed by many. If you are a family with lots of luggage wanting a luxury airport transfer or you are a company that needs to do a corporate roadshow with 4-7 executives the Mercedes Viano is the MPV for the job.

Photos by Will Senior in Richmond Park London.