Vehicle Requirements

  • Vehicle to be under 3 years old (with the odd exception).
  • Vehicle interior upholstery needs to be in showroom condition at all times.
  • No visible exterior dents or scuffs acceptable.
  • Black and silver vehicles preferred (with the odd exception).
  • Preferred Vehicles: Mercedes S-class, V-class, E-class, Range Rover Vogue, BMW 7 series, Bentley or Rolls-Royce. We may consider other vehicle manufacturers.

Chauffeur Payments

  • iChauffeur work with weekly invoicing / payments. Monday to Sunday.
  • We pay chauffeurs after 30 days.
  • When you receive your driver payslip by email please check your jobs and any parking and waiting time to ensure it is correct.
  • If there are any discrepancies please reply to the email straight away with your query.
  • If your statement is correct please reply with your invoice including the following info: Your full name, address, date, Invoice number, Vat Number (if required), payment amount and bank details.
  • Vat registered chauffeur will need to add Vat to final amounts.

Booking Procedures

  • In most instances the iChauffeur team will call you to offer you a booking.
  • We will then email you the booking. Please reply to that email to accept the job.
  • At 6pm the day before your booking the job will be resent to you. Again please accept the job.
  • Please check the booking carefully and make sure that you are familiar with any pick up and drop off points using Google maps or similar prior to setting off.
  • After your job please email any extras, deviations, waiting time and parking. You must also include the job number.
  • If the customer requests a change to their booking while on-board, please advise the office as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • If the customer wishes to make a future booking, please advise the customer to call or email the office. Please do not take the booking yourself.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before any pick up and contact the passenger letting them know you have arrived and your exact position.
  • If you believe you may be late for a booking please advise the office at the earliest opportunity allowing the office plenty of time to notify the passenger and for iChauffeur to make alternative arrangements.
  • If asked by the client, you are driving for iChauffeur, unless otherwise advised. Please refrain from advising clients that you are self employed.
  • If you have any concerns before you undertake a booking please call the office prior to the job taking place.


Flight Arrival Procedures

  • Please monitor the flight the night before on long haul flights or on the day for shorter flights. Download relevant flight arrival Apps.
  • Aim to be in the arrivals hall no later than 15 minutes after the flight has landed unless otherwise specified.
  • Ensure you are parked as close to the arrivals hall as possible and ensure your boot is accessible as well as having plenty of room to let your passengers into the vehicle.
  • Wait with a name-board as close as you can get to the gate (iPad name-board preferred).
  • SMS the passenger on arrival stating the following: “Good Morning Mr Brown, I am Tom from iChauffeur and I will be waiting for you as soon as you come through arrivals with a name-board”.
  • Welcome the passenger and introduce yourself and ask them their name “Good morning, My name is Tom from iChauffeur are you Mr Brown?”
  • Confirm to the passenger where you are taking them. “May I just confirm that I am taking you to Browns Hotel”.
  • Offer to carry their luggage / bags.
  • Once in the vehicle make the customer aware that there is wifi on-board (advising them of the password) as well as bottled water and refreshments.
  • On arrival ask the passenger permission to open their door before exiting your vehicle. “Let me open your door for you Sir / Madam”.
  • Thank the passenger and offer them your iChauffeur business card.
  • After the job if you feel that you have some relevant feedback, be it a business opportunity for iChauffeur or specific information about the client, please call the office and advise.

Driving Etiquette

  • iChauffeur drivers always drive within the speed limit.
  • iChauffeur drivers always drive safely, smoothly and considerately.
  • iChauffeur drivers do not take any calls or use their phone in any manner while driving.
  • If passengers would like to chat or ask questions then happily proceed but please use your discretion and avoid asking too many questions and stating fixed opinions on matters.
  • Please consider parking safely and considerately with the clients in mind when picking up and dropping off.
  • After the job always check the vehicle for any items left in the vehicle and boot.

In Car Consumables

  • Always make available bottled water, mints and tissues and a daily newspaper or magazine.
  • Always carry 2 umbrellas in the vehicle.
  • Must have in car wifi and advise client of this.
  • Phone chargers for all major mobile phones brands.
  • Every chauffeur should have at least one respectable child and booster seat at home ready for work.