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Volvo SC5
VIP Class

Onboard WiFi

Need to be online while you're on the move? You can work, surf and check your email via free Wi-Fi.

Room for 31-35

The Volvo SC5 VIP Class will carry 31+1 and 35+1 passengers depending on table requirements.

Bottled Water

All our chauffeur vehicles come with free bottled water for all the passengers.

Volvo SC5 – Luxury is Deep in the DNA

Volvo SC5 VIP CLASS Sunsundegui 31+1 and 35+1 seater Coaches

The success of the Volvo luxury coach has been built on its versatility, reliability and style. Our understanding of the lifestyles of the most discerning patrons of luxury in the world helped us to choose this marque. The VIP Class is fitting to all glamorous and social locations, no matter the season.

Elegant Space

Our clients seek the very finest experiences to the most beautiful and glamorous events in the UK. It is therefore fitting that their transportation requirements measure up – and the Volvo does just that. Smaller than most coaches and having the advantage of optional tables this luxury coach maintains a elegant presence wherever you are.


The Volvo SC5 carries 31-35 passengers in impeccable luxury.

Volvo SC5
Hourly rate (min 8 hours) Please Call
Daily rate (8 hours) Please Call
Heathrow to Central London N/A

Interior Luxury & Extras

Comfort on a Grand Scale

From the first moment you step onto the Volvo you breathe in the finest coach-built quality and get taken in by the attention to detail. The stylish kitchenette at the rear of the coach boasts champagne refrigerators and a Keurig integrated coffee / drinks machine as well an extremely stylish sink unit and kitchen top. The hostess can serve your VIP’s from this vantage point which leaves the rest of the galley clear.

The colour scheme in blue and cream remains corporate but relaxed and creates a calm sense of space. The exterior of the coach is metallic silver and there is no signage at all which is both unusual and unique. The multimedia set-up on board the Volvo offers individual infotainment. Wi-Fi connectivity and charging points are available as well as Sky satellite television, DAB radio, DVD/Video and a separate PA system for both the driver and guide.


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